Throwback: GapMedics

Hi Everyone,

Last year, I travelled to Tanzania with a company called GapMedics ( to spend 2 weeks in a Pre-Medicine work placement.
If you are interested in any health related medical work experience, check them out. Here's a little snippet from there website:

Want to know what being a doctor is really like? Our overseas medicine work experience placements are the perfect way to find out. Whether you are looking to gain valuable medicine work experience to put on yourUCAS application or an in-depth insight into working in a hospital, there is no better way to learn more about medicine than shadowing clinical experts carrying out their day to day duties.
Our overseas pre-medical placements can be tailored to your interests:
During your time on placement, you will spend each week in a different department, according to your interests. Within this department, you will be assigned a doctor who will act as your mentor, explaining cases to you and answering any questions you might have. 

I thought I would share some of my diary entries from my two weeks here and some pictures! 

I went from the 4th August  to 18th August 2013. I stayed in Morogoro; worked in Morogoro Regional Hospital and I also went to Mikumi National Park for a Safari!
The garden sculpture! 

The Hospital

Some of the people I met over there. Lucy from New Zealand, Abbey , Hashim, Joe and Charlotte from England, Katie from USA and me! 

I spent the first week in Paediatrics and the second in General Surgery. 

Paediatrics is my passion and so I loved every second of it. Children don't judge you and even though they didn't understand me, they make a connection instantly. One little girl called Zulu (I think that's how you spell it) clung onto me through the entire ward rounds. 

The neonatal intensive care unit is completely different to any healthcare in the United Kingdom. It was an eye opening experience. 

General surgery gave me an insight into what sort of conditions the population deal with, specifically malaria and edema. Many people suffer but unfortunately the doctors, seemingly, do not have the knowledge or resources to treat them and as such few patients recover. 

I also spent time on the Gynaecology and Obstetrics ward. Seeing babies being born and helping assist with a birth is incredible! 

Down Time
There was an orphanage about 15 minutes away from the house we were staying at and they had the cutest kids. Everyone took little gifts for them and they just loved all the attention. Considering they don't have electronics, I was shocked at how well they could work iPad and iPhones! Haha.

On a Friday we went to the 'fancy English' restaurant and did karaoke! 


GapMedics provide opportunities for different adventures while out there. In Morogoro, Tanzania you can do a safari or a weekend to Zanzibar - a little island just off the coast.

I choose to go on the safari and it was so cool to see all the animals and at times you are within touching distance! 

Open vehicle!

If you are interested in some sort of work experience I would recommend this. It is quite expensive but it is also worth it. The team out there look after you so well. You have chefs and a house assistant and then the team programme manager and security guards around the house. You are really safe! I promise! 

It's amazing to see how different people live. I happen to love integrating myself in different cultures and as a first trip without family or school, it was so fun to be independent but also with other people to guide you. 
How many people can you fit in one truck?! 

Hope you enjoyed this throwback post and if you like these, like below! 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx


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