Birthday Haul!

Hi Everyone,

This year, yet again, I have been spoilt rotten by all my family and friends. I honestly don't expect anything from anyone and I would still be so happy to just have them there with me, celebrating.

This cookie was delicious! Pyjama's are what every mother gets them right? Flip flops for my holiday! And a sandwich press for university. Yummy :)

I have got a lot of money which I am saving up for university (hopefully- fingers crossed) next year!

More excitingly, the 'actual' presents I got are amazing! I have a lot of jewellery and bath stuff. And my favourite present from a very special, loving friend.

I got a lot of bath stuff from two of my favourite shops, Lush and The Body Shop. This isn't even all of it! I forgot to take a picture before I used it... but I took some while using them :')

My dad got me some things that might come in useful later as a doctor:
Stethoscope, thermometer, BP Machine, BMI calculator, diabetes check and ect.
My longest friend got me a map to show where I have visited called which you scratch to show.

My aunt and uncle on my dad's side got be a gorgeous journal and Swarovski Crystal pen to write with. It is stunning!

My taste in jewellery is very delicate and all my friends and family know. I love all my new pieces and they are just so me.

A new Pandora charm for my bracelet, a circle of my favourite flowers...roses! 
Beautiful butterfly necklace and earrings from a great friend, Ashika.
My cousins on my dad's side collectively got me this gorgeous necklace. I have worn it every day since!
 Thank you to my little sister for a jewellery box to take all my items to uni safely.
From my aunt and her family, a birth stone necklace from Aladdin's Cave.
My dad's girlfriend got me this fragile, purple drop earrings #inlove
My girlfriends from college bought me these gorgeous star earrings. They match both my ring and a charm on my bracelet. They do pay attention after all ;)
As the child I am inside, I made it apparent that I loved the new loom bracelets kids were making and my friends made my dream come true. Ha! Thank you Amir and Fiona. I spent the whole day after making these.

As anyone who knows me can vouch for, I love taking pictures. I am slightly obsessed and I am the official photographer at parties hence, I always need somewhere to put them.

My mum got me a little picture frame to remember my 18th which matches my frame from my 16th :)
And my favourite present...a collage photo frame frame my gorgeous friend, Liv. I haven't know this woman for long but she is one of the nicest, smartest, prettiest people I know and she knows me so well! This is one of the picture frames I have been looking at for university and she knew it was me. Thank you!

These aren't even all my present so thank you very much to everyone who got me presents; I am so grateful. Love always!

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx