Sun Care Tips and Tricks

Hi everyone

In a hot country and on holiday, it is really easy to get burnt. I am usually pretty good but this year I got badly burnt on my back the first day :( 
Excuses, excuses... I fell asleep for 2 hours so didn't reapply hence the burnt back but also I managed to burn my hair line and hair parting! 

If you live in a moderate climate place, e.g. England, spend some time outside on the warmer days so you can acclimatise slightly to hotter conditions. 

Use suncream! When you first arrive, use AT LEAST factor 30 and put it all over the body, even places covered up. As you stay longer and get used to the environment, then you can start to go down. But never lower than 15! 

Reapply! Even if it's once-a-day suncream, put more on, especially on areas that are constantly exposed: neck, face, arms and legs. 

Where possible also wear other protection. Sunhats, sunglasses and t-shirts are great ways to minimise sunburn. 

Number one! Sunbathing also dehydrates the skin. Be sure to replenish liquids by drinking plenty of water while recovering from a sunburn. Being well hydrated will help burns heal better. 

After sun containing aloe vera is especially. It causes blood vessels to construct hence reducing redness and swelling. FYI-putting the moisturiser in the fridge to cool is especially soothing! 

A cold wet cloth applied to the burn can help relief pain and discomfort. Similarly, a cool bath helps as well, but not too cold as you can go into shock. 

Thank you for reading hope this helps some people. 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx