Summer Foods

Hi Everyone,

When it's hot I hate to eat heavy meals. I get really full, really fast and it feels stodgy. 

Now the English summer has well and truly arrived and the temperatures are consistently in the 20°C I thought I would give some ideas of what I like to eat when it's hot. 

Number One: Barbeque.

Eating BBQ food outside on a warm summer evening is so simple but yummy! Get the BBQ on and loaded with meat and then start with the sides. My family and I tend to have a bowl of salad, a fresh crusty bread that we can chop into slices, jacket potatoes ect...

Number Two: Sorbet.

My guilty pleasure will always be Lemon Sorbet but I have recently got into Mango Sorbet as well. Sorbet is a refreshing, light and cold snack/pudding.  It is definitely a palate cleanser.  

Number Three: Cucumber.

Yet another refreshing snack to have and it is relatively healthy. One of your 5/6/whatever the new recommendations are. It is great because it retains moisture so it can be prepared before you want to eat it and is really quick and simple! 

Number Four: Pizza.

Not necessarily a summer dish in particular but I love pizza. Recently, instead of eating the whole pizza, I eat half and then have some fresh, crisp lettuce with it instead! 

Number Five: Sausage Rolls.
Yummy. The perfect snack. End of.

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx