My Time In London!

Hi Everyone,

Monday 22/06/14: 

On Sunday my mother and I took a train down to London. I had a meeting to go to at University College London ready for September and the hotel was only a short 10 minute walk from the campus, so I woke up, got ready and walked to the appointment. It didn't take very long and while I was there I got chatting to some nice friends! I then walked back and had breakfast with my mum. 

After a long relaxing breakfast, we went back to the room and got ready for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh Award Presentation. 

I only needed to change my dress so while mum had a shower I watched the start of Wimbledon! Andy Murray's match was obviously what I was waiting for ;) Then we got a taxi to St James' Palace. It truly is beautiful inside.

Official invitation!
Talking to the presenter: Andy Kirkpatrick, Adventurer 

After I went to get some professional photographs taken. Photos being posted soon! 

Then we walked to the Apollo Victoria Theatre to watch Wicked and just managed to fit in Pizza Express for tea. I had my usual Pizza Margherita with ham!

The show was really good but not as amazing as people seem to make out. I won't be going to see it again; I would much rather spend my money on something I haven't seen already! We then got another taxi back to the hotel, had a quick drink at the bar and then off to bed!

Tuesday 24/06/14: 

After a long lie in, we lazily went to breakfast and then packed and checked out. We left the luggage with the reception staff and went on a day exploring. We went on a Big Bus London Tour. The staff are so nice and very informative! Onto Trafalgar Square then to the houses of Parliament. We walked along the River Thames and up to the London Eye- it takes ages to go around!

Finally, we found a very cute little restaurant on a boat with lovely views of the area before we took a taxi back. 

After collecting the luggage, we walked back to Kings Cross station for the train home...surrounded by a family with four children! Not so peaceful but my mother managed to sleep through it anyways...miraculously. 

We were very lucky with the weather. It was gloriously sunny the entire time so a very nice little trip!

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx