Meeting My First Love Part 1

Hi Everyone,

My first, and currently only, love is my gorgeous niece! I am going to do a few blogs on her being part of my life :)

The very first look I had of her <3
How did she tell me?
She was coming up for the weekend, as she lives in London, and came to my dad's house. My dad already knew and I had no idea what was about to happen. She got me and my younger sister, Jessica, together and gathered us around the computer. Clicking play, a little grey blip on the screen moved. She was 3 months pregnant! 

How did I feel?
Honestly, when I first heard that my oldest sister Victoria was pregnant...I was shocked. In my mind, you should be together, engaged, married and then start a family. I have nothing against families in any other order but the picture-perfect, in my eyes, was that fairytale step. 
I went upstairs to my room and cried. When I look back I don't know if these were tears of shock, saddness or happiness. But after about half an hour, I ran downstairs hugged her and was over-the-moon!

Victoria had a difficult last month of pregnancy. She had a very high blood pressure and so had to go to the hospital every morning to get checked. Two week before her due date, she got admitted. We happened to be visiting at the time because she was moving and we were helping. We said goodbye and a week later, we heard she was being induced. 
After 48 hours of induction, and nothing progressing, an emergency caesarean was carried out. On the 28th October 2012, a healthy 6lbs 8.5oz baby was born.  

What happened when she was born?
We went down the day after, so Grandpa, Karen, Auntie Hannah and Auntie Jessica met her when she was less than 20hours old.
As soon as I laid eyes on my gorgeous niece, I fell in love. Bop was perfect.

First visit

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx