Holiday 2014: Jewellery

Hi Everyone

When you go on holiday, you don't want take all if your collection because it can get lost or damaged really easily. I also, only wear jewellery in the evening because I am constantly in and out of the pool, so really I only where it for 5 hours maximum. 

Here are the pieces that I chose to bring with me this year.

My pandora bracelet:

I love my pandora bracelet. Most of the charms mean something to me:
Aeroplane: my first trip alone to Tanzania, with GapMedics last year

Cupcake: this is how my friends and I celebrated are GCSEs so my mum got me a cupcake to remember 
H: my name
Lock and Chain: a secret my sister told me...she was pregnant
Star: my mum said with my AS results 'I was her little super star'
16: my 16th birthday
Pearl: birthstone

Work books: from my dad for GCSE results

Carriage: from my sisters for prom
18: my 18th birthday
Camera: I love taking pictures and I bought myself this on the day of my lasts A-level exam

My 'heart' necklace:

Half rose gold and half sterling silver. This necklace is from my dad three Christmases ago and it is my favourite necklace. It is my go-to piece of jewellery. 

My Silverstone track necklace:

A few posts back, I described this. It was an 28th birthday present from my older sisters and I love it! 

Butterfly earrings:

My cousin, Emma, brought me this gorgeous dangly butterfly earrings from Thailand and I love them. I find some earrings really uncomfortable and these are so comfy, you don't even notice them. And...they don't get tangled or caught in your hair. Massive bonus! 

I took 2 necklaces because one is a longer chain and one is a shorter chain. If my dressed have a higher neckline, I would wear the Silverstone necklace and with a lower neckline, the heart necklace. 

Hope you like these items. For more information leave a comment and I will try to answer any questions. 

Stay tuned! Hannah xxx


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