6 Facts I Learnt on Holiday

Hi Everyone,

I learnt a lot on holiday this year, so here are 6 facts:

1. I can't dance.
I have rythm when I am sat down, as soon as I stand up, it's gone.

2. My mums a better dancer than me.
Haha she rules the dance floor! 

3. I need more confidence with boys.
Urgh I hate it! My sister and I got chatted up and still all I kept thinking was go away, go away, go away. 

4. I do not want a child anything like Kiki.
I don't think I have ever said I have hated a child before but this child is one of the most selfish, obnoxious and most annoying three year old I have ever met. She must be super smart because she has her parents wrapped around her little finger and she knows it. She can minuipulate them to do her bidding. She certainly rules the nest. I feel sorry for her brother, Miles, getting told off for her crimes. 
Yes, maybe a little bit harsh on a three year old but I just wanted to step in and say something. To be fair, I think she was having a really bad couple of days because the next time I saw her she was a LOT better. 
I know I'm going to love my children but I will definitely be a strict mum too. I will not be a push over like my mum. 

5. I can't stand smokers.
I knew I couldn't stand then before having most of my family smoke. I realised that as much as I can fancy someone and find them got, as soon as that cigarette goes to the lips, puffs of smoke breathing out like a dragon, it's bye bye. I'm moving on. 

6. I need alone time to relax.
I can't stand being surrounded by people all the time. I need space to be me. Not quite sure how this is going to fair at university. Ha!

What facts have you learnt about yourself recently? Comment below.

Stay tuned. Hannah xxx