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Life (Review)

I usually do, what I consider to be, very detailed reviews of films. This time around I'm not. I went into the movie, Life, with very little knowledge of the film and I think it's actually really important that that's how you watch it. Go in with an open mind and explore the world for yourself. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. A multinational six-member crew aboard the International Space Station performs a successful capture of a space probe returning from Mars with a soil sample. British biologist Hugh Derry, extracts a single cell and revives the dormant organism with adjustments to atmospheric pressure and glucose concentrations. This extraordinary film explores the discovery of the first living being on Mars. I loved the scientific influences with true-to-fact experiences, actions, messages and procedures. Honestly, all I can say is that his movie is an absolute must see. I was blown away by the acting, storyline, filming and plot itself. The a

Students Know How to Party! / Year 2 Term 2 Bonus Clips

This term has been another fun filled university adventure. Despite my warning of not uploading every week, I have once again exceeded my own expectations and upload every single week except one! Head over to my YouTube channel to catch up on any that you've missed. After throwing extra clips into a little video after first term, I thought I would do that again. This weeks video is Year 2 Term 2 bonus clips! Click here for the video or see below. I actually don't go out that often but when I do of course, everyone does little Snapchat videos so here's to the last ever free ULU night out before The Venue started charging £5 entry and made it clear you have to book it advance. Shock horror! I've said before but I feel so lucky being able to live with actual friends who talk to me! My flatmates are the best and so far this year we've done lots of Karaoke, late night, deep meaningful chats and with a few surprises along the way. We also celebrated Valent

The Lego Batman Movie! (Review)

I'm not a fan of Lego or Batman so this defintely wasn't my choice of movie. I volunteer with a charity called Spectrum which I absolutely love but there are times when I end up doing things, I would rather not. This time was different! Click here to watch the trailer or see below. Batman continues fighting crime in Gotham City. During a mission to prevent the Joker from destroying the city, Batman hurts his arch-rival's feelings by telling him he is not as important in his life as he thinks he is, leading Joker to seek the ultimate revenge on him. The film explores the difficult relationships in Batman's personal life and how few meaningful ones he has. Despite the loneliness, he doesn't see it until someone else introduces him once again to the power of friendship and family. This is a very heartwarming movie and I love the humorous elements in it. It defintely lends itself to adult humour in parts but as someone who's not introduced in Lego or Ba

"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" March Birchbox: Unboxing and Review

You may or may not have noticed but I haven't posted a Birchbox review for a while. I personally don't like the new drawer box design and much prefer the traditional box. As such, I cancelled my subscription but I still love the products and idea behind the product so I have been keeping my eye open and waiting for the old box to come back.   So this month it did come back! The theme this month is Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Birchbox celebrated it's 7 year anniversary. I love that they've taken it back to their roots with this simple yet attractive packaging that reminds me of the old parcels wrapped in brown paper packaging tied up with string. Benefit They're Real! Double The Lip: Lusty Rose - £16.50 This was the product I wanted so badly. We were allowed to pick between colours and I chose Lusty Rose over Cheap Thrills. It was a natural daytime lip rather than a hot and vibrant pink. After seeing this on ItsJudysTime YouTube channel , I was desperate

Us the Duo @ Bush Hall

After being obsessed with their YouTube channel for years, I finally got the chance to see Michael and Clarissa live! Us the Duo were amazing at Bush Hall on their Just Love UK Tour! Click here to watch the concert video/vlog or see below! Walking down to the venue, I was not convinced. It felt dirty, run down and somewhat scary. When I arrived however and walked was stunning. It may need a touch of tender loving care but Bush Hall is gorgeous. All the chandeliers and the ceiling was stunning. I couldn't stop staring!  I loved that they had this wall up for a photobooth background. Everyone was taking such fun photos but I kept in to a simple solo selfie. I love how the background showcases them, in a really unique way because it is only half a face but totally recognisable. From the lips to the hair to Clarissa's little beauty mark. I swear, every song that came up I was like 'my favourite!' and then another one came. I just couldn't de

Beauty and the Best (Review)

The much anticipated and very highly thought of Disney highlight of the year was finally released yesterday much to everyone's joy. With most people, I was eagerly awaiting it's arrival and after having the afternoon off, I immediately booked the first showing and went in to the screening full of excitement and ready to experience the world of Beauty and the Beast once again. Click here to watch the trailer or see below. I came out reserved and disappointed. It's not even that I had such high expectations because I didn't. I didn't think I would go the day it came out and while I defintely wanted to see it, I didn't count down the days until it was released. I think, as this is a remake, I won't be destroying anyone with the intention of going to see the film themselves if I explain the story. The age-old fairytale of Beauty and the Beast showcases a transformative love. The learning process to not judge someone from the outside is clearly the main