Us the Duo @ Bush Hall

After being obsessed with their YouTube channel for years, I finally got the chance to see Michael and Clarissa live! Us the Duo were amazing at Bush Hall on their Just Love UK Tour!

Click here to watch the concert video/vlog or see below!

Walking down to the venue, I was not convinced. It felt dirty, run down and somewhat scary. When I arrived however and walked was stunning. It may need a touch of tender loving care but Bush Hall is gorgeous. All the chandeliers and the ceiling was stunning. I couldn't stop staring! 
I loved that they had this wall up for a photobooth background. Everyone was taking such fun photos but I kept in to a simple solo selfie. I love how the background showcases them, in a really unique way because it is only half a face but totally recognisable. From the lips to the hair to Clarissa's little beauty mark.
I swear, every song that came up I was like 'my favourite!' and then another one came. I just couldn't decide! I am defintely glad that they did their 2016 Mash Up though. It's such a great song!
I was a little disappointed that they didn't have an opening act. In fact, I was very disappointed. Doors opened at 7.30pm. I got there a little bit late and had to queue to get in and then we had to stand their in a massive crowd for an hour and a half with nothing to do. It was the first concert that I've ever been to that hasn't had a supporting act so it was a bit strange. It wasn't until after the fact, that I looked on twitter and saw that they had actually said there was no opening act just moment before so I'm assuming there was a last cancellation which is a bit of the same but nevertheless, the show must go on!
They're chemistry together is just incredible. You can feel the sparks coming off of them and it's honestly so lovely to see. Even being in their presence you can completely feel the romance. One of the questions was how they met and Michael told the story but Clarissa's eyes were just shining as he did. They were also playing with each other and bickering which I thought was perfect! Married life isn't a dream so eye-rolling is allowed...don't make fun of her dad! Aha!
I loved that they got people to write questions and put them in a fishbowl at the entry. They got a volunteer from the audience to come out and read them and they couldn't have picked a better person. George (I don't actually know him) went up and was absolutely hilarious! He was so cute being nervous; they made him feel very special. I recorded a couple of their questions.
One was about advice for singer-songwriters and they said to just write everything down whether you know where it's going or not. Another was about about their musical influences with Michael Jackson and John Mayer cropping up. Of course, one was their favourite country to which they replied ENGLAND! Did they have a choice?
I loved their interaction between songs too. I thought it made the whole experience feel very intimate and unique. I always love hearing the stories behind some of the songs and I hadn't realised that the song where she played the drum was their wedding vows. That was really special.

Everyone was wanting them to kiss so Michael said to wait 20 minutes as Clarissa had made him wait 6 months for their first! Haha. Someone shouted out to let them know it was over and they did a little peck much to everyone's dismay. Right at the end when I put the camera away, they smooched passionately to everyone's joy! It was so cute and I managed to snap these adorable, blurry story telling photos. I love them! 

It was such a good night. They are both so talented with all the instruments they can play, stage presence and...oh my...their beautiful voices. At one point, I got goosebumps.

If you haven't already, be sure to check out their Youtube channel at Us the Duo because they are amazing!