Meeting 'Keeping Up With Kirk'!

I've always wanted a pen pal especially long-distance one. I thought it would be so cool to be in contact and friends with someone who lived on the other side of the world. As most of you know, I'm obsessed with YouTube and through YouTube I feel like I have, in a way, gotten to know people from another so many other places. While it's usually a one way relationship, it would be nice to have it reciprocated.

Last week, Keeping Up With Kirk came on holiday nearby to where I live and I got to meet them. Click here to see the vlog or watch below. Ps. I stole some footage from her vlog so I hope she doesn't mind!

When I saw they were in London, I reached out and when I realised that a meetup might actually be possible, I wrote a very brief letter to Jony just expressing my personal thoughts and even managed to find a cute, soft teddy with a Union Jack on it for Kirk. I wanted to give him something to remember his special holiday.

I am so so so pleased that I took the opportunity to reach out to Jony to see if she would want to meet up.

I feel like we could have talked forever so it was a bit of a shame that they were leaving but I am so grateful and overjoyed that she gave up some of her time to meet with me.

Usually, I get so nervous before and after meeting people (thinking back to the SacconeJolys!), but for some reason I just didn't. I felt terrible for making Jony feel bad when I waited for her and even worse that I was almost forcing them to take time out of their holiday but I somehow just knew how lovely she would be.

The moment I saw them I smiled and felt so happy and relaxed. Jony gave me the biggest hug and the conversation just flowed. You couldn't stop us talking! We had so many similarities and I felt so many bonding moments. I love how we both struggle with storage on our phones...the pain is real! And it was so hear what we each thought about the others accents; English vs American.

Kirk is seriously so sweet. Despite having a little bit of a runny nose and cold, he was so happy. He was laughing and he even asked me to take the label off of his teddy that I got him which I genuinely thought was so sweet. I gave him some teddy kisses and his giggles were the best!

As I walked them to the taxi, I felt so guilty for not helping. Jony pushed the buggy and carried her heavy backpack while her husband carried all the bags. I offered but they left me with my water bottle. Hard life right?!

By the time they had to leave, it had gone way too fast but I was well aware of the tight schedule they were under and I did not want to be the reason they missed their flight! Jony asked Kirk to give me a hug to say goodbye so of course I took the opportunity to get any baby hugs in.

I was talking to him about flying and the aeroplane he was about to go on high in the sky. Oh how I miss little kids!

He was so sweet and so light! I guess I haven't held someone that light since Bop was like one! She's always been a chunky baby. I can't wait to see what my new little niece or nephew is like! I'm definitely baby hungry!

I am so glad that Jony got out her phone to vlog a little bit because I didn't! Of course, I've regretted it every day since and wish I did but I just wanted to talk to her and make the most of the time I had. I hope she doesn't mind that I've stolen a few of her clips for my own vlog but honestly, I just want to remember them myself.

If you haven't already, head over to her YouTube channel and catch up on her daily vlogs from her holiday in London, Paris and Oxford. I love seeing holiday vlogs and vlogs that are of London so I've clearly really enjoyed them all.

Jony is so sweet and seeing her joy at visiting London has been beautiful to witness. She really wears her heart on her sleeve. You can tell just by looking at her what she's feeling and her total happiness has really captured my heart.

I feel so much more connected to Jony than her husband, probably because I can relate to her more because she's more emotionally verbal and also female, but it's been nice to see him more in the vlogs recently and interacting with vlogging. I feel like he's more like I was, and still am in a way.

Looking back, I actually wish I'd spoken to him more but I think I'm always overcritical of myself, especially when I've been looking forward to something. It was really interesting to hear how he wanted to go medicine. I knew he was friends with Landon (from The Deru Crew) so it only makes sense that they were following similar paths. We were talking about the differences between the UK and US courses and I can't decide which is better. I definitely think they both have pros and cons for each. Fingers crossed we both reach our goal!

Oh. Writing this has made me so happy. I just can't get over how lovely everyone was. I wish I lived near them!

Here's hoping we get to meet again. had an absolutely amazing 20 minutes and it just flew by. Thank you so much Colt, Jony and Kirk for meeting with me and for Chris (Colt's mother) for providing the opportunity. I hope you all had an amazing holiday!
I can't get over his little smile!
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