London Living and Gratefulness

I've been feeling a little bit separated from my family recently so I wanted to write down some brief thoughts about my feelings of living in London.

I love the freedom of living in London but as a very family orientated individual, it's defintely a little sad when I have to leave them. My mum's side of the family is all super close, with my grandma - my last living grandparent - living just next door.

We live on a farm which is amazing. I love that we have so much space, which may beg the question why I chose to move to London.

For me it was always Medicine. I always wanted to do Medicine and I had my hopes and dreams set on doing it. I didn't have a second plan, a plan B, I didn't even apply for another course as a 'just in case'. Once I'd decided that, I just had to pick the location.

While looking around at universities, I visited a grand total of 16 university open days, I was pretty set between Nottingham or UCL and I happened to be lucky enough to get into both. They were so closely comparable in my pros and cons of each, that the deciding vote ending up being that London was much closer to my older sisters and, at the time, my little baby niece.

In my naivety, I thought that would mean I would see them so much more but alas, that was not meant to be. I still love London but the course is harder than I ever imagined and I recently my sisters have distanced themselves more than I ever thought possible.

Having said that, I couldn't imagine living anywhere else. I love that I can get up and make plans at any time of the day...or night. I can get around really easily to almost anywhere within London itself and last minute plans are honestly the best.

I can't believe how lucky I am to be able to be where I am, studying what I am. I'm doing Medicine at UCL! One of the most prestigious courses at one of the most prestigious universities!

I think everyone needs little reminders to be grateful and I certainly have to remind myself at times. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to be independent, to live in the capital of England and to be studying my dream course to get my end goal.