"Signed, Sealed, Delivered" March Birchbox: Unboxing and Review

You may or may not have noticed but I haven't posted a Birchbox review for a while. I personally don't like the new drawer box design and much prefer the traditional box. As such, I cancelled my subscription but I still love the products and idea behind the product so I have been keeping my eye open and waiting for the old box to come back. 
 So this month it did come back! The theme this month is Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Birchbox celebrated it's 7 year anniversary. I love that they've taken it back to their roots with this simple yet attractive packaging that reminds me of the old parcels wrapped in brown paper packaging tied up with string.
Benefit They're Real! Double The Lip: Lusty Rose - £16.50

This was the product I wanted so badly. We were allowed to pick between colours and I chose Lusty Rose over Cheap Thrills. It was a natural daytime lip rather than a hot and vibrant pink. After seeing this on ItsJudysTime YouTube channel, I was desperate to try this but the product itself is quite expensive and I didn't know if I would like it so I was so happy to discover Birchbox was including it in their box! I had to get it.
This version is a lot smaller than the normal product, probably about half the size so I feel like a lot of the application issues I had would be solved by the full size product. I thought it was relatively easy to apply, it's literally like a lip gloss. You have to make sure the lip liner is the at the outside of your lip so you need to flip it over for the bottom lip which is a little harder. Because of the small size, I did have to fill in my inner lip a little bit because the nib wasn't quite wide enough but in all, it was really ease to apply.
It can be left completely natural but if you rubbed your lips together after, it gave an ombre effect which I loved. Big downside was that it did come off with food and it does transfer but having said that, for a little daily product, this is perfect because it can be thrown on anywhere.
Balance Me Instant Lift Pore Minimiser - £22.00

 I have acne so of course I have lots of pores. Honestly, I have noticed much difference with this product and the only effect I've noticed is that it gives almost-primer like texture when applied.
Marcelle Gentle Make Up Remover for Sensitive Eyes - £14.50

 I love this! I recently went on a night out and when I came back, I headed to my bathroom with this in hand. It took all my eye makeup off quickly and easily with not too much pressure so my eyes didn't kill afterwards.
Batiste 2-in-1 Invisible Dry Shampoo & Conditioner - Vanilla and Passionflower - £4.49

 As mentioned before, I don't use dry shampoo because I don't really need to but I also think it doesn't work very well in my hair. When I have used it, I've always turned to Batiste so this wasn't a new product for me. I think they're the best cheap dry shampoo and I would thoroughly recommend them in an emergency. This isn't my favourite scent but it does wear off quickly. I personally don't think it had any conditioning effect but perhaps while camping or something it will come in handy.
Korres Santorini Vine Showergel - £8.00

 I've actually got this product in my Birchbox before but I do really like it. I think it smells fresh, last a long time and works perfectly fine. There isn't too much to review on a body wash! Definitely the perfect size for a hotel or holiday trip.
Overall, it wasn't just to box that made me get this month's box but the guaranteed products, especially the Benefit product! I think there was a wide range of different products which I liked as they all had different purposes. I will defintely be using up all the products in these.

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