Students Know How to Party! / Year 2 Term 2 Bonus Clips

This term has been another fun filled university adventure. Despite my warning of not uploading every week, I have once again exceeded my own expectations and upload every single week except one! Head over to my YouTube channel to catch up on any that you've missed.
After throwing extra clips into a little video after first term, I thought I would do that again. This weeks video is Year 2 Term 2 bonus clips! Click here for the video or see below.
I actually don't go out that often but when I do of course, everyone does little Snapchat videos so here's to the last ever free ULU night out before The Venue started charging £5 entry and made it clear you have to book it advance. Shock horror!

I've said before but I feel so lucky being able to live with actual friends who talk to me! My flatmates are the best and so far this year we've done lots of Karaoke, late night, deep meaningful chats and with a few surprises along the way.

We also celebrated Valentine's Day with takeaway and fun games. Plus, how could I leave out my beautiful niece, Bop. I did a day in the life the day before and didn't record much the following day so I thought I would throw in this little clip here.

I also recently headed to Shoreditch to the Shoreditch Platform venue to celebrate my friend Khushboo's birthday. She's also really into social media and YouTube and has been in quite a few videos, especially the Colour Run. It was so much fun and I had lots of fun using her DSLR Canon camera to take quality pictures. Here are just a few of my favourites.
 Spot my fingers!

Of course, another friend, Roshni, made an amazing cake! She is so talented and not only did she make a beautiful cake, but a delicious chocolate one too!

Until, next term, no more uni! I'm now on Easter holiday which should be fun but alas I have to revise for upcoming exams and then prepare for Year 3!