Hacksaw Ridge (Review)

 I have to admit, this isn't be usual film to see but I'm a big fan of Teresa Palmar, since I am Number Four and I am so glad I watched the film.

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While growing up a young Desmond Doss nearly kills his younger brother Hal. This along with his Seventh-day Adventist upbringing reinforces Desmond's belief to not kill. Later, as an adult, he takes a man injured by a car to the hospital and meets a nurse, Dorothy Schutte. They enter into a relationship and Doss tells her of his desire to do medical work.
At the outbreak of World War II, Doss is motivated to enlist in the Army. His father, a troubled World War I veteran, is deeply upset because he is a conscientious objector. Doss intends to serve as a combat medic and to never touch a gun. Before leaving for Fort Jackson, South Carolina, he asks for Dorothy's hand in marriage and she accepts.
Incredibly rich in depth, this powerful movie took me to places beyond what I ever felt imaginable. I ended up feeling so proud of this character portrayed by this single man. Despite not being trusted he endured so much and risked his life to save the people who couldn't understand the very man that he was. 
Andrew Garfield exceptional performance from start to finish made this film the powerful and memorable story from start to finish. I thought he played the character perfectly with the right about of determination and grit he needed. He's personality is what gave the movie little spurts of hope amid the terror. 
I thought the shocking scenes from World War 2 were amazing quality and showed the true carnage that war is. In the face of chaos, the tone remains even slightly upbeat.
I'm in awe of the whole story and I really think it did the story behind the film justice. I can't believe he singlehandedly dragged all those men, risking his life, and supported them down the step cliff edge. It isn't just heroism which is startling but his inner conviction, which he shares with men bleeding to death, that there is some logic to what is happening and prospect of salvation. He also shows the tiniest bit of sympathy for the enemy.
Not only is the acting outstanding but I have to applaud the graphics and the set design. I thought the scenes created especially of the explosions atop the cliff were incredible. The way they captured the brutally harsh reality of combat fighting and especially how gruesome the extent of the injuries could be. The sad truth is, this is probably a mild and toned down version of reality.
I loved the scenes at the end of the film showcasing the real life images that the story told. I love when they do that for movie's based on true stories but more so, I thought, after everything he went through, he deserved nothing more than to be treated with the greatest of respects. I hope he enjoyed the movie as much as I did and thought it was done in a respectful and truthful manner.
Strength and courage were clear messages in this film and don't think anyone can not fall in love. It is without a doubt my favourite World War 2 movie of all time. I would thoroughly recommend it to anyone.
Overall, this was an astonishing realistic and I can only imagine the journey people go through during war. I want to thank anyone who has ever fought for the country and whether I agree with the reason or not, the courage it takes to go into combat is outrageously excruciating and beyond askable.