Submitting my Third Master's Module Assessment "Professional Midwifery Advocate Preparation" (Part 2)

It's been a while since I wrote a university post so be prepared for weekly updates whilst I catch up. This one is apart the second part of my Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) course assessments. This assessment for this module was split into two parts. The first part was an essay. I was actually quite disappointed in my mark for this as I explained earlier, so I wanted to try really hard to make the workbook aspect the best it could be. 

The workbook ended up being a lot more work than originally anticipated. I asked for an extension as I wasn't able to complete all the activities required to meet the competencies but the module lead said that was quite normal with the course so it was meant to finish at the end of July, however my extension was until the end of October. 

The workbook was made up on a number of activities, which were required to meet a number of competencies. I had already been able to achieve some through previous commitments but I felt I also needed to be able to do the ones directly associated with being a PMA to feel more comfortable and confident.

My supervisor was great and very supportive. We had 3 meetings together over my course to discuss progress, and I attended a number of sessions that she led too. It was really useful exercises to be able to sit down, reflect on and apply to the skills required. Often skills were applicable to numerous areas and my supervisor pushed me to expand on these.