Unconditional Offer to Study my Masters

For most people, they can't wait to finish studying, whether that be GCSEs, A Levels or university. Well after finishing my undergraduate degree in January 2020, I knew I wanted to continue my education, especially for research purposes. My long term plan was to do a Master's degree and then a PhD. I wanted to focus on finishing my preceptorship first and then once I got my band 6, I wanted to apply for my Masters, ideally starting in September 2022. 

Well, when I realised I had finished my preceptorship package, I quickly started looking for courses. I was very much interested in focussing on research and I ended up finding a few PhD's I could apply for, due to my previous research experience. However, I then came across an Advanced Midwifery Practice Masters. Whilst I do currently feel happy with my practice, I thought this was a great option for me as a newly qualified midwife as it would continue to benefit my clinical practice as well. I applied a few weeks okay, quickly got a conditional offer and then following further evidence and submissions, I now have an unconditional offer to study. I will be starting in September 2022 at Anglia Ruskin University’s Advanced Midwifery Practice Masters!

The programme set up and opportunity to complete part-time as a distance learner is ideal. I plan to continue to work full-time at my employment, however I have already discussed with my manager and have the option of reducing my hours and requesting flexible working should this be required. 

They have a selection of core modules, with normal birth, complex birth and the research module being key. I have recognised the importance of promoting normality even more since qualifying, especially as intervention rates are continuing to rise nationally. I often find myself advocating for clients to achieve the birth experience they want, such as water births for those labelled as high risk. 

I have not yet decided on which optional module I would like to select as I feel I would like more information on these before finalising. I am very keen on completing a prescribing course, however I am unsure if I would be able to meet the clinical practice hours required, as my work is based on hospital premises. I have applied for a short six-month leadership course within my trust already, so I am hoping to complete this prior to commencing my studies. Depending on the outcome, further exploration of management roles may be enjoyable, especially as I now co-ordinate shifts and lead the team on a daily basis. I am also intrigued to learn more about the “Specialist Techniques for Medical and Healthcare Education” module. I like how this module sounds like it can be personalised and beneficial to my own practice in an ongoing approach. 

I am so excited to start and can't wait to get fully stuck into the curriculum. I won't receive much more information until a few weeks before now, but I will keep you updated as I go!