Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Chester

Chester is a city in northwest England, founded as a Roman fortress in the 1st century A.D. It's known for its extensive Roman walls made of local red sandstone. In the old city, the Rows is a shopping district distinguished by 2-level covered arcades and Tudor-style half-timber buildings. A Roman amphitheatre, with ongoing excavations, lies just outside the old city's walls. 

It's a city I have now visited multiple times, as it's the closest big city to my dad's new house, but Luke is pretty obsessed with it, so it's also where we spent his birthday week. Personally, I'm not a massive fan and it just reminds me of a cheaper and tackier version of York

1. Visit Chest Zoo. My personal favourite! We went in the winter so the opening hours were shorter, but  I could have easily spent 2 full days there. The first half we only saw about 20% of the zoo and then we had to rush through the rest, missing just a few animals. 

2. Stroll along the Chester Walls. Another of my favourite pastimes. They are well in tact and although it doesn't feel like a wall the entire way, it is circular. It also has some great views and beautiful buildings. 

3. Admire Chester Cathedral. A cathedral you can actually walk around inside for free. They of course, accept donations and they had card payment points which I thought was a great idea. 

4. Walk through Chester Amphitheatre. The also sometimes put on free and cheaper shows in an open air theatre environment. 

5. See Chester a different way, on a boat tour. It can be a little cool but it's affordable and relaxing on the serene river cruise.

6. Learn at Grosvenor Museum. 

7. Relax at the Roman Garden ruins. I saw these for the first time with Luke in November. I actually loved it. It was so peaceful and quiet. I loved the different areas spread around and the chance to reflect. 

8. Shop on the Rows. Experience the unique two-tiered medieval walkways that line the streets. I actually hate these and they make me feel so anxious and claustrophobic but I seem to be the only one who feels that way. 

9. Marvel at the donated sculptures. I love these little elephants. They are so cute and the perfect picture spot. Best of all, they tie in cultural crossovers and the city famous for it's zoo.

Anything else you would add to the list? I would also recommend getting the Park and Ride to the city centre as it's so much easier and cheaper!