Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Skegness

A new week, a new city guide, although technically this one is more of a town. Skegness is a seaside resort in Lincolnshire, England. It's the closest coastal area to where I now live and it's beach is on the North Sea. It's Norse name refers to a headland which sat near the settlement. 

1. Walk along the beach front. With wide stretches of pristine sand, go along the dunes and experience fantastic views along the shoreline.

2. Play a game of mini golf. Whenever Luke and I play inside, he wins, but outside, I win. He is rubbish with water obstacles! I actually really liked this mini golf course but there were two quite near each other to choose from, one of which had two different courses too.  

3. Donate to Natureland Seal Sanctuary. By far my highlight of Skegness and the only reason I would probably go back over and over again. They have so many seals that they rescue and release, as well as a small area of different animals too. 

4. Admire the fish at the Aquarium. If you love fish and marine life a lot, although they have a small selection at the sanctuary, there is also the aquarium as well. 

5. Visit the pier. The centrepiece of the town is also very central, with beautiful views and historic importance. 

6. Play the slot machines. You can't go to the seaside in the UK, without taking some change and playing on the slot machines. These are so fun and can easily pass some time. 

7. Enjoy Pleasure Beach Fairground. If you love rides and theme parks, this is a much more affordable option full of fun different areas. 

8. Explore the Plaza. The Plaza is a great attraction, with a range of arcade games and mini bowling for all ages. 

9. Swim at Skegness' outdoor or indoor pool. This is a recently refurbished area and one that I didn't get to experience just yet, but Luke tells me he did as a child. You do have to book a slot, but there is a range of options always available. 

10. Add on an extra evening trip. We ended up booking a last minute circus trip that we saw advertised in the town. They had a few noticeboards with different things going on locally, and they always seem to have something running, from concerts and festivals and more.