Estrid: Razor Subscription Box (Review)

I've reviewed a lot of women's razors over the years, but it has been a while. I hadn't heard of Estrid before so when it was advertised on Instagram, I was very excited to purchase it. I've now been using it for the past month and I think it's about time I gave my honest opinion. 

Estrid actually is a razor with a bit of a difference. As with most subscription boxes, they claim to be quality razors with no discriminatory pricing. We all know male razors are cheaper! They have a 5 blade razor, for a smooth and close shave. Plus, are vegan and cruelty free, with no animal by-products. The same goes for the rest of the range, however I just went for the basic package. Of course, the subscription based service is simple and easy to cancel. You can also change your frequency of deliveries based on how often you shave. 

The packaging is a little excessive in my opinion as the box has another box inside. When you open the inner box, the items are then in a further paper envelope. Whilst yes, none of it is plastic, it's still not ideal and there is so much unnecessary waste. It could have easily been the inner box with the items safe inside. 

You can select from a range of colours and I was so undecided! Given that I plan to move soon, I don't yet know what my bathroom colour scheme, I didn't want to get something that ultimately didn't match, so I chose Cloud which is a white shade, but there are so many gorgeous pastel colours to select: Matcha (green), Bloom (pink), Space (violet), Peach (peach) and Lemonade (yellow). 

Currently, the package for the starter kit includes the razor, 2 blades and a razor holder. I was really impressed by how secure the holder was and once on, despite being a suction attachment, it's actually hard to remove. 

The razor itself is beautiful. It's ergonomically friendly and comfy to hold, despite not having finger grooves, which in my opinion makes it much more stylish. It's also heavily weighted and easily moves to different positions in your grip. I love how sturdy and high quality it feels. 

In terms of the blade, that's the part I don't love. When I first used it, I had long hair as it was the middle of winter so it took a number of times to go over the same spots. Since then, the shave finish has been good. However, this is the part I find differentiates the blade from other companies. The brand doesn't use animal by products in the soothing strips. Instead they use natural ingredients like shea butter, cacao butter and jojoba oil! It makes it feel like you don't need a shaving foam because it has a soapy finish. It felt lovely on my skin, however afterwards, it stays goopy for a long time. It takes a while to dry out and it's not fit for travelling purposes because of that. To top it off, I practically had to throw away a brand new razor because it almost melted completely and stuck to the bottom of my shower whilst I washed my hair which was such a disappointing shame. 

Overall, I wish I loved this more than I did. I love the company values and the razor handle is the best I've used. I love the colour options, the sleek style and the weighted function. I just don't love the razors and how high maintenance they are after use. I'll be using it for the next few months so I may change my mind, but if you want to try it for yourself, use this link to get it for just £1.95!