Exciting News...An Accepted Offer!

I know traditionally my Monday posts are all about maternity and midwifery topics, however I am far too excited not to share the big news in writing. I am so pleased to announce that my offer on my first house has been accepted! 

I shared that I put my first offer in on a house in Clifton back in January. The house was lovely and had a great layout, with perfect storage and despite some aesthetic work, it was a perfect home. One of the main downsides was that it didn't have a drop curb and the driveaway was shared access with the neighbour. Also, the side access door had had the steps up to it removed so it wasn't actually useable unfortunately. 

I ended up viewing another two properties after that, of which one was very similar and another in a better area, but requiring a lot of work, so despite the potential, it wasn't for me. Luke did however put in an offer that was unfortunately rejected. 

Well fast forward to the end of February and I got an email from one of the estate agents that I had signed up to with a property that was yet to be on the market. It looked absolutely perfect on paper. I was heading to my mum's that week for a funeral, but luckily, they weren't doing any viewings until the Saturday. I of course said yes, and ended up coming back a few hours early. 

I couldn't believe it when I walked to the property. The house is picture perfect, ready to move in and so well kept throughout. It's a 3 double bedroom, semi-detached property with a separate utility room and garage. It also has access to a private park area which the garden backs onto but is maintained by the council with no charge. All in all, it's practically perfect in every way. 

It's by far the best house I've come across. The kitchen has recently been remodelled, so whilst it's not to my taste specifically, it is a high quality and functional kitchen diner. The decor is tasteful throughout, minus some questionable floral wallpaper. I would ideally like there to be a downstairs toilet but there is some potential to put one in at a later date and I think if I can get a decent mortgage, I should have the funds to complete a bathroom renovation before I move in. The one currently in, is fully functional, clean and nice, it's just a little dated which the current owner admitted to. 

Anyway, I put in an offer the next day of the highest amount I could afford and whilst it was above asking price, given the current market it was something I felt was needed. Just under a week later, I found out it had been accepted! I couldn't be happier. 

It's been a slow process so far but things seem to finally be coming together. Perhaps I will switch up the Midwifery Monday series to a Moving Monday series soon. Until then, things will probably be on hold for a while so I will keep you guys updated as I buy my first house!