Customised Blinds, House Viewings and Dress Haul!

Sponsored by Make my Blinds, I look at new options for the bathroom, view two more properties and then head to Wakefield for my annual leave. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Make my Blinds kindly sponsored this weeks vlog, as I am now an ambassador for the company. I will be sharing more about them soon, but the landlord is meant to be replacing my shower curtain with a glass screen. The curtain is something I bought myself but I wanted to add a pop of colour. If the curtain gets replaced, I thought it would look rather boring so I think I will add a colourful blind instead. I also decorated for Valentine's Day a little early as we were going to my mum's for some annual leave beforehand. 

I ended up putting in my first offer on a house myself. It was for a house in Clifton which was ready to move into and I was really sad but nevertheless, I had another quickly available not long after. 

I headed to my mums a day later than expected. I worked the weekend, so then I was too tired to drive home. Instead, I stayed the next day but then I got contacted for a house viewing that I thought looked very promising. I was honestly, very confused by the house. I really liked it and it had a lot of potential. If it was on the market for £10k less, it would have been an easy yes, but it needed a lot of money to be spent on it. I ended up arranging a viewing for Luke to see it a few days later. He was also confused but liked it too. He ended up putting an offer in of £2k over asking price, which was sadly rejected. Onwards and upwards! 
I got to mum's just before she left for an appointment and went over to my grandma's to say hello with the puppy. I took a few days to chill as usual. With a few events coming up, I bought a few dresses from Amazon to try on so see the vlog for a little try on. None of them were the perfect fit, so I also went shopping with my mum to the White Rose Shopping Centre and ended up buying 3 different dresses which I can't wait to wear!