Farm Puppy, Sister's Birthday and Valentines Day!

After a few slow weeks, I finally got dressed up and celebrate not one, not two but 4 different days and nights out! It was a busy 4 day weekend. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.  

I continued my annual leave in Wakefield. My mum and sister both had the day off work on Friday (they always have Friday's off), so we headed out to Pontefract for the day. We started by going to Farmer Copley's for a yummy brunch out. Floki was so funny, barking and chasing the birds and other dogs and the food was delicious. We picked up some giant cakes from their bakery too. 
Once we'd finished eating, we went round to my great aunt's house to show her Floki. She came around a few days ago to meet him, but Jess had taken him out for a walk so missed him. We stayed for about an hour, before heading to the town centre. I had a lingerie appointment for some new bras, so Jess and mum took the dog for a walk and went to M+S to get some birthday cake and other supplies. Afterwards, we headed to my aunt's house to say a quick hello too. 
That evening, I got dressed up and headed out for a lovely meal catch up with my friend Alice. The time went so quickly so despite a three course meal, I barely took any pictures! We grabbed one in the car park but it was mega blurry sadly. 

The next day, Luke came in the afternoon. It was unfortunately not quite the reunion I had anticipated. He was meant to come in the morning, around 10am. I didn't get worried until 12pm, so when I rang at half past to hear he'd only just set off, I was not happy. It was very frustrating as we'd been waiting to go out for lunch and to the cinema. We ended eating whilst waiting for him and then watching a film in the lounge, before going out for a Chinese in the evening. 

Sunday was Jessica's birthday. We started with presents in the morning, and of course a little bath for Floki. He was so funny, trying to get out and sliding down the side.  
Jessica wanted a simple meal with family so we dressed up and then went to Braisserie Blanc in Leeds, and met up with our aunt, uncle, cousins and their partners.
The meal was really yummy and I happily ate all mine, of course ordering more roast potatoes. They initially bought just three but I wanted to make the most of my money, and the menu specifically said bottomless potatoes! 
Everyone then came back to the house for birthday cake which was honestly amazing. One of the best cakes I've had in a long time. Truly delicious, especially the chocolate frosting. Emma also brought over her puppy for Floki to play with. They're the same age but he is like 4 times the size!
Finally, the last day of the weekend was Valentine's Day. Both Luke and I had requested the day off to spend some time together but Luke is barely sleeping at the moment so of course, tossing and turning and keeping me awake, meaning I got no sleep either. I wasn't in the best of moods and to make matter's worse, Luke was doing everything possible to wind me up. 

On the way to Nottingham, we stopped for breakfast at Blacker Hall Farm. They have a new menu and it was so delicious. Possibly, the best breakfast I've had in my memory. From there, we headed to East Midland's Designer Outlet. We picked up a few new shirts for Luke and then a t-shirt as well. A few were from Next, and some from one of the professional suit shops, but the latter was really affordable, yet high quality. 
Once we got back, we only had an hour or so, so I got a shower, shaved and quickly got ready. I loved getting a little glam, especially adding in some fresh curls to my hair. We then went to Petit Paris on the tram and enjoyed a delicious 5 course French meal. I was pleasantly surprised because I had initially been worried I would have to run to McDonald's after. Instead I didn't have the first course of canapees, but I enjoyed garlic bread, then chicken and fondant potatoes, then white chocolate mousse and then a truffle chocolate! I would defintely recommend. 

Whilst I was a little moody at times, this long weekend was great and so jam packed with some lovely events.