Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Lincoln

Another week, another city. This was a day trip we took last year together, as a little bit of a date trip. The name Lincoln is believed to derive from the Iron Age Celtic Lindon, meaning pool by the hill; a reference to the Brayford pool and the hill upon which the modern city stands. It's a city in the East Midlands, known for it's medieval cathedral and library. There's a large university in the city, as well as a number of attractions, so whilst it's not a hot spot for tourists, it makes a lovely day away. 

1. Visit Lincoln Cathedral. The cathedral is truly beautiful from both the inside and outside. I walked around the the grounds and took in the architecture, whilst Luke paid for entry and enjoyed the inside. 

2. Tour Lincoln Castle. So many of the English cities have castles. I haven't personally been, but I have heard great things. 

3. Climb up Steep Hill. The long round up the centre of the city has defintely earnt it's name. Funny story, I kept complaining it was so steep and I wasn't happy. It wasn't until we were almost half way up that we learnt what it was named. 

4. Explore Doddington Hall and Gardens. There is always something new to see and do on the estate whether that is inside the Hall, in the five acres of gardens, one of the events, or on one of the estate walks. I love their goal of sustainability with a range of initiatives they are constantly working to improve on. 

5. Admire The Collection. This is described as an art gallery but also combines an interactive museum experience. It's a more modern take, with a new build, and engaging collections and activities throughout. 

6. Go under Empowerment sculpture. Empowerment is a public sculpture in the centre of the city of Lincoln in England. At 16m tall, it's the largest sculpture in the county. Now, it is a recognisable part of the city. 

7. Walk through the mini sculpture park. Hidden on a little grassy bank in front of on the museums, is this lovely quite and peaceful area, with secret sculptures.

8. Marvel at the Tennyson Memorial Statue. This statue is worthwhile seeing and very impressive. It is right outside of Lincoln cathedral, well made and towers up.

9. Stroll around Brayford Waterfront. Lincoln’s Brayford Waterfront is England's oldest and largest inland Harbour and offers a great selection of eating, drinking and entertainment venues. It’s the perfect place to relax at a pavement cafĂ© overlooking the water or the stunning University of Lincoln campus after a hard days shopping. We treated ourselves to a couple of drinks as the weather brightened. 

10. Explore the homes. It has such cute little cottages and village like roads around the centre. I loved walking down the side streets. I felt like I was whisked away. 

There is so much more to do as well, with museums and galleries further out of the city centre too. What is your favourite thing to do in the city?