Wine52: Brand New Wine Subscription Box (Review)

You may have seen me previously talk about Beer 52, and this is their sister company, Wine 52. They are the largest wine discovery club, with a monthly subscription costing £32 per box. Each month they have a different country in which they showcase, with this box being from Portugal. You can also select whether you want 3 bottles of red, white or mixed. I actually bought my first box at the end of November, but it's just taken a little while to get through all the bottles as I personally don't drink wine myself. 

Of course, the box also comes with a magazine and two snacks. I much preferred the magazine here to the beer magazine and I felt it was more tailored to the female market. The snacks in this box were not nice. I could just about manage the cassava chips but the other's got thrown away. 
We ended up getting the mixed box of wines, which came packaged safely and securely. There was no damage to any of the bottles and all the brands were new-to-us, which gave us the interesting ability to try something new. We got two white and one red. The red wine was described as not full-bodied but refreshing. The two white wines were again refreshing, with the Le Reveur being the more fruity option of the two. 

If you want to try some new wines, this is definitely the subscription box for you. You can get your first box for free, and choose the cancel the box or postpone to ensure delivery when it suits you too.