Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Liverpool

Liverpool is this week's city guide. It was a city I never particularly planned to visit but when the opportunity arose to an all expenses paid trip to the Royal College of Nursing Congress, I jumped at the opportunity. Liverpool is a maritime city in northwest England, which served as a key trade and migration port from the 18th to the early 20th centuries. It is also, famously, the hometown of The Beatles. 

1. Explore the Royal Albert Docks. It's beautifully scenic and newly renovated. There are so many little quirky shops and cafes, as well as an array of boats to gaze at. 

2. Enjoy the night life. See where the nights take you. You can go high end or party mad. 

3. Take in the scenic night lights. I loved strolling along the river and taking in the lights and food trucks. 

4. Splash in the river water adventure playground. I think this is only there in the summer months but it looked so much fun. You did have to pre-book but you got a good allocated time slot so it meant it wasn't too busy. 

5. Experience the Beatles Museum. This is a tribute to the world famous band. There is also a sculpture or two to find in the city. 

6. Learn in the Museum of Liverpool. A great introduction to the city, colourful, bright and engaging. It's the first museum in the UK to be dedicated to a single city. 

7. Gaze at the free art at The Tate. Another free museum, and although small, it's vibrant. I absolutely love modern art so this is a gallery for me. If you don't have time to go inside, there are also a few sculptures outside on the waterfront too. 

8. Visit the cathedral. Like most cities, Liverpool has a cathedral but this was one I didn't go to see myself. 

9. Get a birds eye view of the city on The Wheel of Liverpool. This is a transportable Ferris wheel installation on the Keel Wharf waterfront of the River Mersey in Liverpool. It's got an affordable price for the ticket, and you get to see all Liverpool has to offer in a quick 10 minute journey. 

Anything you would recommend to do in Liverpool? My partner wants to go as he has never been, so I may have to go again soon.