Body Confident Dress Haul!

I've been really struggling with body confidence recently, especially when certain family members repeatedly make comments about my weight. I can honestly say, it hasn't been easy and I have been having a really hard time. I would try on 10 outfits before settling on something and still feeling ugly. I decided it was about time I treated myself so I bought a few new dresses for some upcoming days and nights out. 

The first dress is the beautiful Green Tie Waist Short Dress. It is mainly black with some green and blue details. It has a tie at the waist, which then gently ruffles around the stomach area. It also hits perfectly above the knee. I bought this for a friend's date and my sister's birthday!

This black dress I bought for a funeral. The last funeral dress I bought was for my grandfather's funeral so is now far too short for me! This is a simple linen dress, with a tie around the waist to make it slightly more flattering. I also like that the bow catches the eye. 

This is a dress but probably a little short. I plan to wear it as a top with jeans! I'm loving the longer sleeved style at the moment because my arms are becoming an area I also don't like. 

Finally, another from Next which had a surprisingly good selection! The dress doesn't seem to be available anymore but this is a similar one. This is something I would never normally wear but I fell in love with the colours and instantly knew I needed it. As you've probably seen, I wore it on Valentine's Day. 

Which is your favourite? Any you would like?