Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Wakefield

I couldn't not include my home city in this series, so today I am talking about Wakefield. I always say that I was born in Pontefract, which is very true, but it also comes under Wakefield postcode wise. Then I moved to Wakefield itself when I was just 5 years old. Wakefield is a cathedral city in West Yorkshire, England. It sits on the River Calder at the eastern edge of the Pennines. It is known for it's trading in corn, coal mining and textiles. Wow! Here's some of my favourite things to do in the city. As a warning, as I go there all the time, I don't take pictures of places often, so I will try to update this in due course. 

1. Visit Wakefield Cathedral. The cathedral in Wakefield is truly beautiful. It is set at the very centre of the city, with shops surrounding. The fact it is on a raised platform, with steps on all side, makes it stand out all the more. 

2. Go shopping. Whilst most people will travel a but further to Leeds for the big retail areas, Wakefield has too large shopping centres with both Trinity Walk and older still, The Ridings. Both have a selection of shops, with the former have major retailers and the latter have more boutique style stores. 

3. Enjoy the lake walks. We have a surprisingly large number of areas to go for a gently walk. Pugneys Park and Watersport Lake is beautiful. It's got a decent path the entire way around, with the option to go sailboating, canoeing and more. 

4. Walk around Newmillar Dam. My personal new favourite, is Newmillar Dam. There is plenty of parking which is free for 2 hours, with a lovely dog friendly cafe as a rest stop. 

5. Climb up to Sandal Castle or travel to Pontefract Castle. You can actually reach it from Pugney's or from the other side. It's not very well maintained or protected, but it's got lovely views from the city once you reach the top. 

6. View art at The Hepworth Art Gallery. I was so happy when this got built as it turned the wasteland into something beautiful. I haven't been for a few years now, but I would like to go again soon. My family was also apart of an exhibit there once, all about forced rhubarb. Wakefield is known as the rhubarb triangle. 

7. Watch a show at the Theatre Royal. Whilst it's not huge, I have always loved the shows and for a small budget, they really do pack a punch. The ones I have attended tend to be pantomime style but they also show musical theatre and ballets too. 

8. Explore the National Coal Mining Museum. I had many a school trips here as a child. Almost as a rite of passage! I actually remember being quite scared, but I know they have recently delved into more formal events too. 

9. Run around Thornes Park. This is a massive park just outside the centre of the city. It holds a lot of memories for me, with puppy training classes and bonfire nights being just a couple. 

10. Experience Wakefield Museum. One thing I didn't know Wakefield had in the city centre. I have never been, so I can't particularly vouch for it, but maybe one day. 

Have you been to Wakefield before? Did you know we have 3 festivals every year: Wakefield's Rhubarb Festival, Castleford's Roman Festival and Pontefract's Liquorice Festival. The latter is also home to Haribo!

When I moved to London, no one had heard of it, so I use to say Leeds instead. Now I live closer, and most people know of it. I think it helps that it is also know on many key routes into Leeds too.