Your Guide to a Day Trip to: Nottingham

From my place of birth, to my place of living, this week it's all about Nottingham. I think having moved to Nottingham and not grown up here, I've defintely taken advantage of the city and things to do. I have loved exploring it and now living in the city I call home. Located in the East Midlands, Nottingham is an ideal location for commuters who want a city/country area, whilst still having everything on the doorstep. It’s known for the Robin Hood legend, the hilltop Nottingham Castle and of course, it's historical position in the lace industry. 

1. Visit Nottingham Castle. This has been under reconstruction since I moved over 4 years ago. Of course, it got delayed with Covid-19, so I am pleased it has finally reopened and I am hoping to visit it soon!

2. Stroll along the canal. This ended up being pretty much all I did over lockdown. I am lucky that it is literally on my doorstep, so at least I had a pleasant way to pass the time on my days off from work. Nottingham has one of the best well kept canals I know, especially as it's working. 

3. Adventure through Nottingham Caves. This was one of mine and Luke's first date trips. He'd wanted to go for a while, and whilst it wasn't something I'd personally pick to do, I ended up really enjoying it. 

4. Walk around Wollaton Park. Wollaton is well known for being one of the biggest parks in the city. It has a house in the centre and is home to not one, but two species of deer. 

5. Take a trip to the city centre. There is usually something fun going on in the city centre, but with lots of restaurants and shops, there is plenty to do. If you walk further out, you can also find some statues and old landmarks, including the famous Robin Hood statue. 

6. Sit and watch a show. There are a few theatres doted around the city, ranging in size from the Lace Market Theatre to the main Theatre Royal, which has recently had lots of West End shows brought in from London on their UK tours. Of course, there is also Nottingham Arena for concerts too!

7. Explore Attenborough Nature Reserve. One of my favourite walks and sadly, one I do not do often enough. I love how peaceful it is and you truly feel at one with nature. Be aware though, there is lots of mud and it has been known to flood, blocking pathways. 

8. Have a game of mini golf. There are actually two options in Nottingham, both fun and exciting. There's an indoor one in the city centre and a fun outdoor version, just outside of Wollaton. 

9. Enjoy Highfields Park. Having attended the University of Nottingham, of course I have been to the park many times, but it's open to all. There is a mini golf, boating lake and a lovely walk. Looking through pictures to select my favourites, it changes so beautifully between the seasons too. 

10. Explore Blidworth Woods. I have to say, this was one of my favourite days out with my old flatmates. It was somewhere none of us had ever been, it was so relaxing and fun to explore somewhere new and of course, we made lots of friends. 

11. Treat yourself to cake at The Pudding Pantry. I'll be honest, there are a lot of dessert places in Nottingham and this is just one of my favourites, but it is truly lovely in both taste and atmosphere.

12. Bounce at Planet Bounce. This is a fun and affordable family activity. There is a smaller child friend area, as well as one for older children and adults. 

13. Skate around the ice ring. Nottingham has a huge ice ring right in the city centre. It's well maintained and right below the concert location. 

If you find yourself here in the autumn or summer, there are also two great festival type events, with Goose Fair in the Forest Recreation Grounds and also Riverside Festival towards West Bridgford. The latter was one of my favourite days!