World Hypnobirthing Day 2022

Many of you may know that I completed my hypnobirthing instructor training with The Wise Hippo during the first lockdown. It taught me a lot about not only teaching others, but also myself. Well, today is World Hypnobirthing Day. It magically falls on a Monday meaning I just had to dedicate a post to it for my Midwifery Monday series. 

The day always falls on 21st March because it represents the beginning of Spring, symbolising fertility, birth and new beginnings. It is a day for all parents, teachers and programmes to come together and celebrate this life changing education. When the entire community come together, we can and we will create more awareness for all. 

For me, antenatal education is vital in every families journey to parenthood. Hypnobirthing education takes that one step further. It combines an understanding of the physiology of birth and the relaxation and breathing techniques to use. This education is key to reducing fear and increasing confidence. A comprehensive hypnobirthing course leaves mothers, birthing people and their birth partners with a ‘tool box’ full of knowledge and techniques, irrespective of the type of birth they have and of where and when the birth takes place.