Organise with Stackers

As I am sure you well know, I have a big love for Stackers. They are one of my favourite companies! They specialise in high quality, stylish organisational options. I now have a few different products of theirs, so I thought I would give my honest opinion of the products.

The first product I bought or received was my Stackers jewellery box. This is hands down my favourite product. I love that it is personable and you can add to it as your collection grows. They have a large range of different drawers, so you can select those which suit your style and taste of jewellery. My biggest annoyance with these is that the top lid layer, has a popper style close and I really wish it was magnetic. I also find the stacking function, whilst great for adding to over time, it can look a little messy when not perfectly lined up, and also, you have to take off every layer about the layer you want. They have now released a traditional drawer style layer which works in the same way, but they pull out one at a time instead...I love the idea and look of it! 

The next product is a travel size jewellery box. Honestly, I have used this so much. I hate when necklaces get knotted when travelling and this keeps them in perfect condition. On top of that, there is an area for earrings, rings and bracelets too! It's small, but incredibly functional. 

My dad then bought me a travel wash bag and again, I love it! It is so cute and fully practical. It's waterproof and wipeable. It folds into a bag style, but also unfolds to be hung up in a bathroom. It has multiple sections to easily separate items. The best part is that one of the compartments can be detached so if it's just a small trip or even for a makeup bag. The only downside is that it is slightly smaller than I had originally anticipated so it doesn't fit my hair brushes or products in, but everything else fits in perfectly. 

Finally, I have the makeup organiser. I had thought I would love this, and whilst I still do, my OCD does not. It's great for the purpose it is made for and the drawer included is big. It also has the option to add additional drawers, including the new nail varnish drawer. I however, really struggle with the items to put in because I like the room to be colour coded and of course, the items are on display. I do love that there is space for the brushes but this is possibly my biggest regret purchase. If anyone would like it, please let me know! I think for me, I would have preferred the extendable drawer storage. I think when I have fitted wardrobes built in my new house, that might be a "must have" purchase. 

I have so many items on my wish list, but I am now going to wait until I move. Have a look at the Stackers website and let me know your favourite item!