Stackers: The Best Jewellery Box! (Review)

I can't tell you how long I've waited to write this post. I've wanted a Stackers jewellery box, since I was 16 years old and over 8 years later, I've finally got my dream jewellery box, thanks to my lovely boyfriend who got me it for our anniversary

The idea of Stackers was born 10 years ago out of a love of organisation, and the idea that everything has its own place. The company created beautiful and flexible jewellery storage, which has now grown to include travel, home, cosmetics and most recently, bags.

I was really impressed with how the jewellery box came package. The entire collection came in a box, which then had the layers individually wrapped in foam, followed my embossed tissue paper. Honestly, it was beautiful from the moment I opened the package! 

I got the classic jewellery box in pebble grey. I loved the white, the rose gold and the blush pink. I know they would look truly gorgeous in my room right now, but I know I don't plan on it being pink forever, in fact the pink sort of just happened this time. Instead, I chose the grey because I know it will last a lifetime. The layers I received were: Jewellery Box Lid, the Trinket Layer and the Watch or Accessories Layer. They're absolutely perfect to begin with. 

The other perfect present I've got recently, is now taking pride of place in my jewellery box. I can't wait to fill it up with the rest of my jewellery when I can finally go back to my mother's house and get the rest of my belongings. I also think I'll be quickly investing in another level. I really want the necklaces level, so they can all be stored separately. 

Overall, I absolutely love it. It's absolutely beautiful, so sleek and pretty. It feels really high quality and the insides are also just as perfect, because they are so soft. The only downside is that the layers are quite insecure. They're not connected physically, they literally just stack, which can make it a little less stable, but more practical as it means you can access the layers without turning the above layers upside down. 9/10, would defintely recommend! 

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