IDM Celebrations, Shoutie Selfie and Brunch Date!

Some busy shifts mixed with celebrating some midwifery milestones and catching up with friends/family. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I've been on 94% compliance with my e-learning and online training for a long time and so when I saw my Tissue Viability module reset after 3 months, I finally managed to successfully access it and pass all three first time, so I finally have 100% completed, which genuinely feels amazing. It defintely caused a little bit of stress at the beginning, but with the systems being down, I'm glad I'm finally up-to-date!

This year, International Day of the Midwife was a little different of a celebration because I was at work. It was quite nice to be at work for the first since qualifying though, and I had a lovely day spent doing three elective caesarean sections, one which was a beautiful twin family. Work ended up providing a small buffet but when I went for my late break, there wasn't much left so I didn't end up having anything put a couple of Maryland cookies. I did however get a little goodie bag which was cute. I really liked the RCM badges to celebrate the day. Of course, when I got home, I had to treat myself so went for the Pizza Hut meal deal that was quite simple, delicious! It's also Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week so I participated in the #ShoutieSelfie campaign, and it was lovely to see all the support both nationally and globally. 
I've continued to enjoy my Hello Fresh meals and so far there has only been one I couldn't eat all, which is really good for me. This week we've had chorizo cod, courgette pasta, couscous sausages and chicken with garlic mash. The latter as incredible! 

Being friends with other healthcare professionals isn't always easy and trying to make off duties match up is tricky, but I finally managed to see one of my old university friends Emilia for brunch which was lovely. We went to Beeston and despite it being a little cold, the food was very yummy! We also realised we literally live around the corner from each other since she moved earlier this year, so we will definitely be able to hang out again soon. 

We couldn't stay for too long because she was heading to Wales in the afternoon, but I ended up having a very productive day. I went for a walk where I came across a lovely elderly couple who were so sweet, on the way to the post office. I sorted out my jewellery boxes, cut my nails, painted my toe nails, did some much needed online work and then meal prepped for the next two days whilst I was at work. 
Out with the old and in with the new...I am obsessed with my Stackers jewellery box!

To end the week, before starting yet another week of nights, I had a super productive day. I had just finished days over the weekend so was hoping for a lie in but my body had other ideas and woke up just after 7am. Nevertheless, I got all but one thing on my to do list for the week completed and then got ready for a double date night. Luke came over and we met up my cousin and her fianc√© for chinese. The food was amazing and despite being windy and rainy, it was lovely. Mr Mans had a marquee set up with heaters and so despite being in a dress, I was lovely and warm.