In the Style x Jac Jossa Clothing Haul!

Alongside some of the In the Style pieces I bought from Stacey Solomon's collection, I also bought a few pieces from Jac Jossa's collection. This one was actually released a little while ago and Jac has done a number of collections with them recently, so I decided to try a few pieces at the same time. Sadly, quite a few of the items I loved were either out of stock or not available in my size, but nevertheless, I was excited to get some fun bits!  

The first was my favourite! This is the floral printed smock top and gorgeous. I was first a little nervous about it being too short, because I'm used to longer tops but I really liked the new-to-me style! 

Another top, in a slightly different style, and also in a smaller size as the 12 was out of stock. I actually really liked the top and thought it fit well but I found the tie shoulders very faffy and the slippy material made them keep falling out. Plus, there was a lot of material so they were rather floppy and annoying. 
Similar to the first, again I loved this top. I loved the style and especially the dusky blue shade. In the end, I ultimately decided not to keep it because I felt a little restricted my both the high top and long sleeves, but I did love how soft and cosy the material was. 
This one was the same fabric as the first top but for some reason totally different in size. This dress was huge! You could literally fit two of me in it, and it looked huge! 
This is another tie at the shoulder item, but this time a dress. I loved how easy to wear this one was and so I thought it would be perfect for around the house! 
Like with Stacey's collection, I really wanted to try some jumpsuits/playsuits, so I went for a lounge wear one and sadly it was just too small a the bust, so the buttons were opening. 

I actually think this Jac Jossa collection is really wearable and will suit a lot of body types. I do think the sizing is a little off. I'm generally a size 12, and some were perfect, some huge and some tight. However, they're all very comfy and I'm all for comfort!

I also have a 10% discount if you want to purchase anything from the website yourself.