May Round Up!

Eek! Can you believe we're almost half way through the year. This year is flying by again. 

Book: No book again this month but I hope I'll get a bit more time next month!

Film: This month has been a good month for films! I loved "Love and Monsters". I also watched "Stowaway" expecting to love it but found it so sad and depressing. Do not watch it as an easy going film for sure!

TV Show: I love easy going shows, ideally 20 minutes and "Family Reunion" has been a firm favourite. Of course, I also started watching the new series' of Grey's Anatomy and Station 19, and both are amazing. Plus, I watched Motherland and Great News, which are both funny sitcoms. 

Podcast: I've not listened to any new podcasts this month, but I think I might start listening to ‎Sh**ged Married Annoyed by Rosie and Chris Ramsey. 

Blogger: After a collaboration earlier in the month, I'm going to stay my favourite this month is Happity. 

YouTuber: Who have I been excited to click on straight away this month? Our Tiny Tribe! I love Ebony and she's so gorgeous inside and out. I met her before she had kids and now she had two. It's been lovely to watch her grow up. 

Personal Blog Post: It may be a little sad, but I've waited so long for this jewellery box, so my beautiful Stackers post all the way! However, my Stacey Solomon try on made me feel so confident and beautiful too. 

Personal Vlog: I've loved so many of my vlogs this month; they've all got so many special memories. I think the ones where I'm reunited with family and friends are good to watch though. 

Personal Memory: My favourite memory was going to the circus with my family. It was nice to be doing something normal for a change. But I also had an amazing shift at work where I looked after a family from admission, throughout labour, suturing,  NIPE and discharge, with no other care needed!

Summary: It's been nice to feel more comfortable at work, be reunited with family and enjoy some proper uninterrupted downtime. 

Inspiring: I've had some lovely memories this month but it's always the women I care for that inspire me the most. This month I've had some real powerhouse women, who gave birth naturally and incredibly. 

Frightening: I helped welcome a little 29 week baby into the world this month, and even though it was somewhat frightening, I'm so glad I was able to support the family through that time. 

Next Month: I'm going to be a community midwife for 6 months, as of next week so that's a big change! 

Stay tuned for my thoughts on my first rotation and starting my next!