Paulos Circus: Isabelle's Tour (Review)

It's been a while since I last went to the circus, and last time I went in Skegness, I absolutely loved it. This year, I was invited to attend another by the incredible Paulos Circus and they very graciously gifted me 6 tickets, with reserved seating ring side which was amazing. You can watch the vlog of the event here

First and foremost, the entire event felt very safe and Covid friendly. Seating capacity was restricted and seats were removed, which made for a much better experience as there was ample leg room between the rows in the audience. There are also temporary screens between the different parties around the ringside seats. These did impact slightly on viewing the show, but only a small amount when the acts were at the periphery. Staff members took individuals to be seated and socially distanced the group appropriately. The policy was that masks were required when queuing, entering and leaving the tent. This included standing up part way through the show to go to the toilet. When seated, masks could be taken off. Plus, there was a one way system in place with a separate entrance and two exits.
The variety of acts were great. My personal favourite was the juggler, who timed the balls perfectly with the music, went up and down stairs and did it with 7+ balls in a variety of sizers. There was something for everyone though and the performers were diverse: clowns, acrobat, trapeze, musician, tightrope walker and a strong double act. They were all very talented!

I would say the clown act wasn't quite like the usual. He was also the musician, the stunt artist and a mime. This was the act between acts used as a filler time. I personally found it a little cringe, but it was the kids favourite!
The closing act was an alien inspired trapeze, strong man double balance act...yes all of the above! They also had toilets available, tickets to buy at the box office (although I would recommend buying them online before), and snacks available, including popcorn, candy floss, soft drinks and more. Bare in mind they only accept cash on the day. 
They are currently at Farmer Copley's in Pontefract until the 6th June, and if you want to grab tickets, there are still a few left so go see it yourself. They are then moving on and touring the country at the following locations, although I am sure they will continue to add to their schedule:
  • York – The Roko from 10th to 20th of June
  • Tamworth – Planters Garden Centre from 24th of June to 4th of July
  • Exeter – Darts Farm from 8th to 25th of July
  • Newquay – The Circus Fields from Thursday 29th of July to yet to be announced 
Overall, it was fun and a great first event post lockdown! We were taken well cared of and felt very safe at all points. The audience didn't feel too full and social distancing was defintely adhered to. Most of all, the kids absolutely loved it and haven't stopped speaking about it ever since!