Lockdown Easing, Garden BBQ and Pub Meals!

The second stage of the Covid-19 lockdown roadmap is well and truly on it's way. I celebrated by meeting up with friends and family this week, with a garden party barbeque and not one, but two pub meals. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below.

Of course, I'm still loving my new shorter hair. I still wish it was a little shorter so I didn't have to cut it again quite so soon, but nevertheless, it's lots of fun. I ended up having some online training on Tuesday morning, so I just wore a little top with pyjama bottoms, then I got in the shower and washed, even treating my legs for a shave. It doesn't take too long to blow dry now, so I decided to blow dry it and curl it for that added style! 

I was so excited to host my first party at my own house. It was a double date style event, with Luke and I, plus some friends we met at archery, Harriet and David. Although my garden isn't quite the dream space just yet, it's still lovely on a warm sunny evening. I ended up going a little bit extra and getting far too much food, a selection of drinks and lots of treats for the night. I loved it though! I got to get out my fancy picnic blanket for the first time and use the camping chairs for the first time in almost two years. It was a lovely night with great company. 

The next day, I had moving and handling in the morning which was a little boring to say the least, but expected, and luckily only lasted 5 hours. After that, I'd managed to get a uniform appointment to coincide with the time, which worked out well. Even though I only got my uniform in January, the whole trust department is getting new uniforms in the form of fitted scrubs. I'll miss my lilac, but I can't wait for comfier, easier to wash clothing! 

When I got back, I quickly washed my face and put some makeup on, before walking down to my favourite local pub to meet up with Sam and Vicki for lunch. I've seen Sam relatively recently to hang out, but it's been a while since I saw Sam. It was nice to catch up and it was also my first time eating out at a restaurant, the one thing I've been craving for months! 

The same thing happened again the next day, although a different pub and with my cousin Emma. The pub was different because it wasn't bookable, just first come first serve, which meant we had to wait a little while but hey ho. They had a pizza oven so I ended up getting a wood fired pizza. 

To end the week, I spent the day chilling in pyjamas in preparation for three long night shifts. Honestly, I don't mind night shifts, and I prefer it if they're together, but working Friday - Sunday nights two week's in a row is a little bit frustrating, especially because I live alone and the weekends are pretty much the only times I get to see Luke for long periods of time. Luckily, this week he'd somehow managed to be convinced to stay over after the barbeque, but otherwise it would have been almost 3 weeks before spending a night together!