Reunited Again, Memory Lane and Stacey Solomon!

For the first time since Christmas, I was reunited with my mum and sister. It was a lovely little break, with a trip to the dam and some reminiscing. 

Click here for the vlog or watch below. 

After finishing three amazing night shifts, I woke up very late and then drove up to Yorkshire to see my family. I couldn't wait to see them all and catch up after being apart for coming up to 5 months, possibly the longest I've ever been away from my mum. 

As I drove up the drive, I was greeted by some very cute and excited cows, plus a brand new bathroom renovation. I feel like everytime I go home at the moment, there's a new big project, but this one was necessary as the bathroom wasn't quite grandparents friendly, in terms of being large enough for shower chairs and bath tub equipment. 

I then had a very nice relaxing day off, catching up on sleep and also finally getting to watch the first few episodes of the new Grey's Anatomy and Station 19 series'. They're both incredible so far! The next day, we went to Newmillardam, a local dam, which was absolutely gorgeous. I haven't been for a long time, despite it being nextdoor to my old high school. We ended up seeing so much wildlife (ducklings, robins, ducks, moor hens and squirrels!), before stopping for lunch at the new restaurant. 

On the way home, we drove past a new rental property, plus my cousins new house, and picked up my latest order from Asda. I ordered a lot of clothes from two In the Style celebrity collaborations with Jac Jossa and Stacey Solomon. I'll be doing a full collection review in the next few weeks so stay tuned! I also tried on my saree for my cousin's upcoming Sikh wedding. I haven't quite worked out how to wear it properly despite watching lots of tutorials and having help, so her future mother in law will be helping me soon! 
Before I headed home, I had another relaxing day, watched a film and said goodbye to family, ready for another three night shifts ahead. We were going to see puppies but mum sadly changed her mind, so I ended up not doing very much given the changeable weather as well.