In the Style x Stacey Solomon Clothing Haul!

Words can't even explain how excited I was to get my hands on this collection. In the Style was a brand that I've only recently heard of, so when I heard that Stacey Solomon was doing an entire collection I knew I had to get my hands on it...I wanted it all. 

I had my alarm set, downloaded the app and was ready to go at opening. Sadly, my top three items sold out so quickly and I had some issues with the app. I think because of how busy it was, the company did apologise but nevertheless. I got everything in my basket, went to pay and couldn’t pay by my Apple Pay or Card. I tried both twice; Apple Pay failed completely and the card seemed to be successful but then just loaded for ages, before I had to close the app and restart it. Then, I went through PayPal which took forever, only to be told three things I had in my basket were out of stock. Then it didn’t remove them automatically, I had to manually go through it and remove them, go through PayPal again, only for it to have another item out of stock. Once I had my payment gone though, my three favourite items were no longer in stock. On top of that, my NHS discount code didn’t work. 

Their customer service was amazing and quickly apologised for the issues and explained the payment issues, then gave me the additional discount via a refund too which was amazing. I also selected next day delivery which was free via ASDA so I got everything literally 24 hours after! Super fast and efficient service. 

I'm starting with the item I thought would be my favourite, and I couldn't decide between which colour so got both the lemon and sage linen smock dress. These were so light, airy and comfy. They're so easy to wear and absolutely gorgeous! I decided to keep the green in the end, but loved them both. I also paired it with the lemon headband, which had the perfect knot! 

I really wanted to buy a jumpsuit or playsuit. I've been trying to find one for year's but not found any I love. Sadly, the search continues, but I think I've given up and decided they just don't suit me. The first was the linen which actually fit quite well, but was just tight around the hips. 

The next was the denim, which reminds me of a boiler suit. I just couldn't get over how much I looked like the woman from the World War 2 poster, so this was a hard no. 
A loungewear jumpsuit was next and I actually liked this one again but it was tight. I think if I want something in this style for lounging around the house, I need to size up one or two. It was however really comfy! So soft!
Finally, the sage floral playsuit. Again, this one was fun but the style just didn't suit me at all. 
Moving on to shorts! I always struggle with shorts. I like them to be form fitting, but also long enough that they don't ride up. The denim ones I loved. I've never had the high waisted style before and they were so comfy but a faulty button meant I had to return it. I think if the other items come back in stock, I will actually purchase them again though! The second is the lemon shorts. I just fell in love with this pattern, and had 3 other items I wanted in this print, but they sadly had to be removed from my basket so I didn't get them. I was actually quite shocked at the material in the end though. These are defintely summer shorts, very thin almost silk-like material and I didn't like the flap around the waist. I also ordered the white skirt but it wouldn't go over my bottom AT ALL, so if you're buying, defintely SIZE UP...OR TWO!
My most loved item surprised me, by being this eucalyptus tiered dress. It's absolutely stunning, suited me to a tie and was incredibly comfy. I'm pretty sure this will be my go-to summer garden party dress this year, or the perfect baby shower one! I also wanted the eucalyptus jumpsuit and now that I love this so much, it make me want it even more...fingers crossed it's THE jumpsuit! Again, I bought the matching eucalyptus headband and it was incredible. I think it really finished the look.
These two dresses are the same style, just different fabrics. I ended up picking the darker material because I found it more flattering, but both were lovely and very soft material. Sadly, one of the few items that didn't have pockets though. Also, the lighter one had a headscarf with it, but I just couldn't get the look I wanted so I think I'm more of headband person. 
The last item is this gorgeous linen dress, which I paired with the tan headband. This headband actually didn't fit as well as the other's and stuck up, so I think it was faulty. The dress was gorgeous. I think it would be perfect for a summer holiday abroad. I so wanted to keep it, but once again the buttons peeped open the bust, so sadly it had to go back. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the collection. I love that the pieces all mix 'n match really well and I love the accessories that form a part of it. The headbands are my favourite! The pieces are also really high quality, however, I do think they aren't made for curvier women in general. A few of the pieces didn't fit my bust or hips which was a shame. I can't wait to try on the last few pieces, which were my favourites, but sadly out of stock. I'm really hoping they come back soon! 

I also have a 10% discount if you want to purchase anything from the website yourself.