Newmillerdam Lunch, Paulos Circus and Friend Dates!

My first week of annual leave since Christmas, and I finally got to spend time with friends and family now we're in step three of the lockdown roadmap. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I started my week of annual leave following 5 night shifts (with a one day split), so I woke up pretty late despite originally wanting to set up much earlier. Luke ended up coming over with KFC takeaway and then we went out for a little canal walk which was lovely. 
Newmillerdam has become one of my new favourite places to go with the yummy food and beautiful lake, plus easy access and parking which is a must. I had a relaxing pyjama day for the first day, then the next day, mum and I headed out for a cute late lunch date. We walked around the lake before having lunch. 
The Boathouse is a relatively new little cafe that's opened up around Newmillerdam and the food is just incredible. It's one of the best cheese and ham toasties I've had in a while, and each day they have a unique list of homemade desserts. This time I got the brownie and cookie dough brownie and oh my...nicest thing ever!
On the way back to the car, we had a little detour seeing as though neither of us were in a rush. We decided to head down one of the bridleways and head through the forest to see the horses and also the bluebell fields. It was lovely. We made it back to the car just in time, as it then started to rain. 
The next day was a trip out with my sister, but also my cousins. We headed out for the lunch, just the three of us first and we didn't stop laughing! I sent my mum to have a quick look at the new dining bubbles they have and on the way, she ended up stepping in the newly poured cement. It was definitely a "have to be there" moment, but it was honestly the most I've laughed in months. Then we went for lunch and mine was super yummy, but Jess and mum weren't as pleased. 
Once finished, we headed to Paulos Circus at Farmer Copley's, which was actually just down the road from where we ate at Kings Croft. I actually got the tickets for the show gifted to me and I've down a full review earlier this week, so you can read more about the show here
The next day was a day of friends. I met one of my SheerSense colleagues for brunch at Blackerhall Farm and then we ended up going to Newmillerdam afterwards. Sadly, the play area at Blackerhall has been taken down and Suzanne has also been seeing my pictures of Newmillerdam and getting jealous, so we ended up going for a 3 hour exploring adventure. 
I went home for just over an hour, got changed, added some makeup and then headed back out to meet up with some old high school friends at The Red Kite for tea. Again, amazing food and amazing company all round. Short and sweet. 

When I got back, I finally had time to try on some wedding options for dresses. The theme for my cousins wedding is navy and gold, but it also has to be over the knee, shoulders and not cleavaged. It's so hard to find nice dresses like that for my figure! In the end, I bought a selection from Amazon. These were my top three and I have ended up going for the first one. It's sadly very similar to a shorter lace sleeved navy dress I have, but it was defintely the most comfortable and so sleek and fitted really well. 
My final friend date was with Katherine. It is always so lovely to catch up with her and neither of us live in Wakefield anymore so it was perfect timing and we just so happened to fit in a last minute catch up in between are busy schedules of family and friends! We went to the Muffin Break which wasn't the best, but the company was great. 

Then I handed back to my mum's house one last time to finally sit down and finish watching The Nevers on Sky and enjoy a lovely home cooked Sunday lunch, before heading back home. I set off relatively early this time for a couple of reasons. First of all, I was at work at 6am the next day, but it was also Eurovision and I really wanted be back to watch it in time! I also came back to a lot of packages so I did a quick unboxing for last week's vlog which you can see here