My Thoughts Ahead of the Lockdown Restrictions Easing

I feel like we're finally getting back to normal and after the second step when according to plan, I feel like things are on the right track. Since then, I've enjoyed being able to meet up with friends again. I've had a hair cut, had friends over for a barbeque in the garden and even had lunch in some pub gardens. It's honestly been lovely and I'm so glad hat we're taking baby steps to get back to normality. 

Of course, for me I feel relatively safe now. I'm now 2 months post my second covid-19 vaccine so I  have full coverage of the vaccine. Most of my family also has full coverage with my grandma, parents, step-parents and closest aunt/uncle/cousins fully covered too. Of course, my sisters and their partners will be a little longer as they aren't healthcare professionals, nor high risk, likewise Luke my partner. Plus, I take twice weekly lateral flow tests, and have done since October. 

The next step involves no social restrictions outside, cinemas to reopen and up to 30 people to attend weddings, amongst other things but these are the three most applicable to me. It's great that we can have more people outside whilst the weather is nice. I personally don't have a huge garden so six was almost a maximum point for me, but nevertheless, it's nice that I can go visit others now. I also love going to cinemas but conversely, it's a shame this is back now the weathers nice. Finally, it's the 30 people at a wedding I'm excited for, because my closest cousin is getting married at the end of this month! It's an Indian wedding so it was originally meant to be last year with 450 guests, so 30 is much much smaller than planned. Nevertheless, if it stays at 15 I won't be invited, but with 30 I would so I have everything crossed. 

Overall, I'm feeling hopeful for the nation. I think most people are being very safe and good. Working in the NHS gives a little insight into the outbreaks, and we haven't had any covid cases for a few months now. Back in January and February we were having around 2 every shift! I think the government has done a great job managing it, despite what other's say, and it's the vaccine programme of the century in my eyes. I can't wait to get things back on track soon.