Skinny Bakery: Low Calorie Dessert (Review) - Part 2

Last week I started sharing my review of Skinny Bakery, a low calorie dessert company, with a range including cakes (known as pearls), cookies, doughnuts, meringues and brownies. They specialise in producing healthier alternatives to traditional sweet treats, with high quality ingredients without the added preservatives. I talked more about the company, the packaging and the ordering process in part 1 of the review, but as it was getting a little long, I decided to split it into two, so here is what I thought of the product in terms of taste. 

Just so you know, I am a very fussy eater, avoid fruit and vegetables at all cost and have a very sweet tooth! I had high hopes for this product, hoping that not only would it satisfy by sugar craving, but also still taste like chocolate. 

The first flavour that I opened was the brand new limited edition Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut Butter Pearls. You can see my initial reaction in the vlog here. The cake itself is a little dry, although we had kept them in the fridge. I actually really enjoyed them and was pleasantly surprised I enjoyed the date mixture. The only part I didn't like was the nuts! 
With lockdown restrictions allowing garden meet ups and the weather being somewhat nice (sunny but fresh!) I had a barbeque with some friends for a double date, so we opened both the Carrot Pearls and Banana Shake Pearls. I've never been a fan of fruit or vegetable cakes, so these wouldn't be ones I would order for myself, but nevertheless I was happy to give them a try! I was shocked! I absolutely LOVED the carrot. They were so delicious and yummy. I could have eaten them all. I didn't love the banana ones, but I think it's because I related the smell to super soft mushy banana's. For everyone else, this was their favourite. 
One I was pleasantly happy to try was the Victoria Pearls. These are meant to be the healthier take of Victoria Sponge which I actually don't love in general because I don't like the cream and jam together, but this was much nicer and more enjoyable for me. I was shocked at how much I enjoyed them. They were light, airy and really yummy. Yes yes yes! By far my favourite out of the 5 I tried and almost the lowest calories!
Of course, my all time favourite flavour I saved for last. The Double Chocolate Pearls were absolute delicious and surprisingly, vegan! I loved the buttercream frosting. I genuinely couldn't tell the difference between these and the alternative version. I also liked the cake, however I wasn't a fan of the seedy bitty texture that came from the chia seeds. 
Overall, I love the packaging, I love the idea behind the product and...I love the products! Such a yummy little treat and great for portion control, and taste testing. 
Once again, make sure to follow @skinnybakery on social media. I can't wait to try some of the other products, especially the brownies and cookies! Also, get 10% off all Skinny Bakery good when you spend £30 and free delivery by using code REFKCB5K99EA3 #sbambassadors.