Skinny Bakery: Low Calorie Dessert (Review) - Part 1

 Following on from last week, my heath journey continues. I strongly disagree with diets in general. I don't like the idea of having to limit food or have allowances through calories. It's also well known that a diet culture is not effective long-term, and instead it's important to have a balance of healthy meals, snacks and exercise. Hello Fresh is a great healthy and balanced meal subscription box that I will continue to be getting, but anyone who knows me, knows I also have a massive sweet tooth. I have to have dessert after every lunch and tea or it just doesn't feel family and I call it the Slack Sweet Stomach and it's hereditary! 

Anyway, I've been following Skinny Bakery on social media for a few months and was so excited when they launched their latest flavour, Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut Butter. I commented on their post and amazingly, won a free box of their latest flavour. I was in complete shock when I opened the package to discover a huge range of treats! The box came in the cutest, funnest boldest shade, with very secure and safe packaging, and a lovely business card. I vlogged the entire unboxing experience on my recent weekly vlog, so make sure to check it out here

Skinny Bakery is different from other bakery goods. The products are all handmade, baked to order and healthier alternatives to other treats. They contain 40% fewer calories, 30% less sugar and 60% less fat per 100g compared with leading brands. From natural flavours and natural colours to free range eggs and Belgian chocolate, high quality ingredients are used without the need for artificial ingredients. They also use 100% pure nut butters (like walnut, pistachio, hazelnut), fresh fruit and veg (pineapple, sweet potato, beetroot) and all round real ingredients to flavour the products. I was quite surprised at some of the ingredients on the labels. 

It's important to know, in terms of delivery, it's a premium service so there is a £20 minimum order, but you can choose the delivery date and in the morning you will receive a 2 hour delivery window. This may also mean that some of the flavours are out of stock at the time of ordering but you can still add them to your order for delivery when they are baked. 

As you can see from the earlier pictures, I ended up getting 6 different boxes of the most popular product...the pearls. I got two packets of the brand new, limited edition flavour Chocolate, Caramel and Peanut Butter. I also got 4 of the more well known flavours: Victoria Pearls, Double Chocolate Pearls, Carrot Pearls and Banana Shake Pearls! I love that they all have their own signature colour and I really do love how cute, simple and modern the packaging is. I also think that it's great everything is recyclable, but also that the containers are perfect to keep for future storage of snacks. 

Of course, even I couldn't eat them all at once and with them freshly baked, they all were to be eaten less than a week after delivery. Luckily, the company advises that when stored in the fridge, these dates can be extended. They do a range of products from cakes (known as pearls), doughnuts, cookies, meringues and brownies. For the pearls in particular, they say 4+ days at room temperature, 30 days chilled and 2 months froze. Of course, I froze them! 

I'm excited to share I am also an #sbambassadors so will be continuing to work with them in the future. Make sure to follow @skinnybakery on social media and I will be sharing a review of the pearls once I get a chance to try all the flavours! I can't wait to be one of the first to try all the new flavours. Also, I have a great code for you to get 10% off all Skinny Bakery good when you spend £30 and free delivery by using code REFKCB5K99EA3