April Round Up!

 Another month, another round up! Are you enjoying these posts? 

Book: I'm so bad I haven't read a book this month but I am looking forward to reading Mrs Hinch's memoir. It's waiting in my bedside table, patiently hoping it gets opened soon, instead of gathering dust. 

Film: I'm a huge fan of easy going films in my downtime, no stress and straight fun. Any film with Melissa McCarthy is a perfect choice and Thunder Force is no different...so funny and entertaining! 

TV Show: Again, think background television...The Greenhouse Academy is a tween drama, all about students at an elite boarding school filled with villains. Honestly, it's pretty crap acting and the characters are played by multiple actors between seasons, but nevertheless it's fun and makes me forget about life. 

Podcast: Mrs Hinch is my latest addiction and her podcast has been something I play weekly. I love hearing Sophie and Jamie talk about their life and they're refreshing interactive sessions are something I really look forward too.

Blogger: I haven't read many blogs recently, but I have been enjoying reading my old posts though. 

YouTuber: It's got to be BritneyandBaby this month. With such big life changes, house updates and life updates alike, it's been fascinating to see her journey. I'm excited to see where the channel goes as she's now decided to no longer post the children, so it's an interesting one to follow. 

Personal Blog Post: I absolutely loved trying Hello Fresh this month! I had so much fun trying new foods and getting some nice fancy meals cooked for me, was amazing. 

Personal VlogEaster weekend was the busiest weekend for me. I worked, slept, relaxed, celebrated and loved. It was almost blissfully perfect in every way.

Personal Memory: my favourite memory is my little puppy dog Holly. I'll always remember her and she'll forever have a place in my heart. I'm glad she didn't have to suffer for long, and I know she had one of the best lives.

Summary: Overtime and finally getting to see family and friends has meant I haven't had a whole lot of free time, but it's been lovely to reunite with some people. 

Inspiring: My NIPE shift was lovely. As no midwife was on the clinic on Saturday, it meant my shift was very busy and instead of the usual 5 hours, it ended up being 9 hours. It was long but so good! 

Frightening: I helped welcome a little 29 week baby into the world this month, and even though it was somewhat frightening, I'm so glad I was able to support the family through that time. 

Next Month: I can't believe I'm saying this, but I'm excited to go to my cousin's wedding! It's at the very end of the month, and I'm just hoping the 30 people limit stands. 

How are you feeling about lockdown restrictions easing?