Goodbye Holly, Easter Weekend and 2nd Anniversary!

More Hello Fresh meals, celebrating Easter and my second year anniversary, this week was another busy one, but also quite sad as my childhood dog sadly passed away. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

In between night shifts, I actually got a phone call and text from my mum. It turned out that my little runt of the litter had to be put to sleep, after a stroke in the morning of 2nd April. So to Holly...goodbye. You were truly the best dog I could have ever got. From the moment I watched you be born into the world, I knew you had to be mine. I wish I’d have spent more time with you this year. I hope you, Tilly and Sam are stealing all the food and running around together, reunited again wherever you are. I’ll miss you. 

I very much had a lie in and was woken up by Luke at 3pm banging around the kitchen, trying to tidy up a little bit, which was sweet, but also gave me a headache. After cuddling for a little bit, he went downstairs to bake, whilst I stayed upstairs to get ready. I stripped the bedding, switched my towels, put my uniform wash on, then had a shower to wash my hair and shave my legs. Sadly, the shower started leaking earlier in the week, and despite putting in an emergency form and emailing the estate agents, no one has come to fix it yet. I did get a text in between night shifts so I have replied to that and I'm hoping they'll come soon! Anyway, because of that I had to cut my shower short. 

When I came downstairs, Luke had only just started to get the ingredients out to bake an Easter cake and it was already half past 5, so I quickly switched his plans and he made a Hello Fresh meal (number 2!) instead for tea, then started to bake the cake afterwards. This meal was actually delicious, I just wasn't a fan of the aubergine. 

Whilst he was cooking, I saw all the Easter eggs we had, and watered the garden and plants. I was so excited to see the grass and some little plants sprouting. Hopefully, the garden will be looking beautiful by my birthday!

The next day was Easter Sunday and a little more exciting. We woke up and had an amazing bacon sandwich on some fancy fresh bread, then decided to go for a walk. We walked down to the river and then a little bit further to a pond I hadn't been to before. It was a really nice pond and actually a lovely peaceful walk. Luckily, it was much warmer than expected so it was a good choice to go! 

When we got back, we had some cake that Luke made late last night for an afternoon tea. 
Before we knew it, it was time for another yummy Hello Fresh meal and to enjoy the Easter chocolate and cake. We were both pretty tired so had a somewhat early night. 
To finish the bank holiday weekend, it was Easter Monday but also Luke's and I's second year anniversary. It was nice to be able to celebrate together but it was also quite a cold day, so sadly we couldn't get out, and because of lockdown, couldn't do much. Instead, we had more bacon sandwiches for brunch, then opened presents and played games for the majority of the day. Luke spent some time, very excitedly working on his Hello Fresh videos, so stay tuned for those...they'll be going in a separate video. To end the night, we got the most incredible 3 course Zizzi takeaway, and then enjoyed watching a film whilst cuddled up on the sofa. It was the perfect day.