Why The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme? (Hippo Hynobirthing with Hannah)

This month is Hypnobirthing Awareness Month so I thought it would be fun to share some hypnobirthing posts for this month's Midwifery Monday series! 

For those that don't know, I completed my hypnobirthing instructor training with The Wise Hippo back in July 2020, after seeing the benefits of the practice in my placements. I want to share, educate and encourage others to feel empowered which is one of the reasons I started my training, but there are so many different techniques and companies who teach hypnobirthing, and for me, it was really important to find a company that shared my values, which was how I ended up with The Wise Hippo Birthing Programme.

For more of a basic overview, I have shared more about exactly what hypnosis and hypnobirthing is before so if you missed that post, make sure to read it first. I'm also still wanting some more Case Studies to teach for a full free course, so if you're interested, please do get in touch. 

Hippo Hypnobirthing with Hannah is all about two things. Fundamentally, it educates parents on choices to empower them and allow them to decide their own paths. It teaches techniques to practice, aiming to remove pregnancy anxiety and build confidence.

But at its core, it prepares you for any situation and type of birth that may happen. As a modern hypnobirthing programme, the approach will help you achieve the right birth on the day for you and your baby. When I first read that phrase, I knew this was the programme I wanted to teach. It allows for the unexpected and unplanned experience, through providing transferable techniques to create a positive experience. By practicing this birthing programme, it helps remove negative feelings, improving psychological effects postnatally.

The name itself is perfect. “Wise” focusses on the education component, with informed decision making at the forefront. “Hippo” links to being born great with limitless potential. It demonstrates courage, calmness and clarity. 

It couldn't be more perfect! Make sure to come back next week to learn more.