Updated Study Room Reveal!

I relatively recently moved house (back in October), but it's been a little wait before my new sofa arrived. With that, the study also got some upgrades, but it was also the room that was the last to be furnished as I wasn't rushing the process. 

The room is a relatively small second bedroom box room, which would only fit a small single bed in, so instead, it's been turned into an office. It works really well with working from home, for additional storage and as a little cosy reading nook.

I've shared a little home haul recently of both furniture purchases and my latest decor, but I also want to share the finished office. It is finally finished and it's taken just a little bit longer than planned. Up until a couple weeks ago, there were still some little bits I wanted to add, especially in terms of d├ęcor, but I finally decided. I'm a little OCD when it comes to colour schemes and finding art that suits my personality, whilst also not being too expensive as it's likely to be temporary, was tricky! 

As you walk into the room, there is a small electric radiator on the right. Next to that is a small black circular table. This is multipurpose and on that is some special pieces or artwork and decoration. I have a lamp that I have had since 2013, then my new personalised custom drawing, plus a coaster. Underneath, I have an easy to use but compact plug extender, an Amazon Echo Dot with a Chime for my Ring Doorbell (to extend the bell sound) and a picture of the UoN Archery Club Class of 2019. I used cable tied to keep the wires together and prevent it looking too messy. 

Next to that is my temporary sofa, that was downstairs. This is a sofa bed, but sadly, regardless of position would not fit in the room, so instead it's just used as comfy little reading nook. I have a Dunelm Teddy Bear blanket, paired with 2 Teddy Bear cushions, both in charcoal. The striped cushions are from Asda George and the other small blue decorative cushion was a gift. The large central cushion and rounded bag are both spare bedding from Ikea but I thought they worked quite well here too. I also have three storage boxes underneath, as it makes use of the perfect space, especially when storage is limited in this house!

The ceiling lamp shade and blind are both from Dunelm, whilst the desk and soon-to-be desk chair are from Argos. On the desk I have my printer, pencil pot and organisation station on top. Also on my printer, is my birth counter from when I was a student. I love the reminder. The drawers are then for 1) documents 2) midwifery and 3) my business, whilst the shelves are being used for books and product storage currently. 

The room layout is really quite strange and there is only 2 plug sockets, both of which are on the other side of the room. I bought a long extension cable to go around the room to provide access on the side. 

In terms of decor, I was really wanting to get some perfect pieces, that matched the colour scheme, but also that could be transferred into a new house, as and when I move. This was the part that took the longest as I was waiting and trying not to rush the decisions. 

I really wanted to get some plants for the window sill or even a floor plant. In the end, I bought a set of three faux succulents which I think are really cute. I also wanted to bring the teal colour in and up onto the window sill, so I thought this little elephant added that perfect pop. Of course, every office also needs a bin and I loved this modern take on it. I also like the look of wire lettering; I currently have my eye on a small business, saying "study" or "office" but have yet to find one that works perfectly.

When Luke's staying over, it's also the room I end up getting ready in before work so I really wanted to put up a mirror somewhere. I love a circular wall mirror, but sadly that would probably damage the wall too much so I'm using my old floor length mirror to put in the corner, to make it feel bigger. In front of that, I think I will eventually bring my guitar to put in front, but for now it's the perfect spot for the bin. I also picked out a clock. I'm not a huge fan of clocks in general, but I thought it fitted well with a study and I specifically selected a silent one. The window has a suicide lock and the clock actually stands alone so it worked pretty perfectly. 

Finally, it was the wall artwork that I was really wanting to select to brighten the place up a little. I love canvas art and this modern take, fit the colour scheme and was bold enough for my liking too. I think it's perfect! 

What do you think? If you have any other suggestions, let me know! I think it's become a gorgeous cosy little nook, that will end up looking great in a conservatory one day.