Covid Vaccine, Sunset Walk and Hello Fresh!

Lots of night shifts but lots of highs this week. I had my second Covid-19 vaccine, went on a beautiful sunset walk and got my first Hello Fresh box!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

My weekend started with finishing night shifts and having my second Covid-19 vaccine. I ended up staying an hour later at work, so I could have the vaccine before I went to sleep, which ended up being a good thing because it was a very stressful and busy shift. I'm going to share more about my vaccine experience in a big post soon so stay tuned for my 4 week update! 

I had a couple of days recovering and spending time with Luke at home, and I actually had to take a sick day on Monday. I was quite frustrated but ended up doing some training bits and bobs so that I was still working a little bit. Tuesday was an early start day and it was such beautiful weather. I ended up getting a Hello Fresh box delivered as I had a good discount code, so was really excited to open it and get stuck in. Again, I'm not going to go into too much detail because I will be sharing a big review post very soon, but let's just say, I love the idea but it has it's downside...and, the first meal, wasn't the best! 

I also got dressed and did my makeup, which was a nice change from how I have been recently. Like I said, it was beautiful weather at 21 degrees, so I even wore a little cami shirt. I had quite a busy day getting little jobs done around the house, doing little bits and bobs and gardening, then Luke came round in the evening. 
We were going to have  a Hello Fresh meal for tea, but because of the weather, we both wanted to go for an evening walk. Whilst I would be happy with a short walk, Luke always likes to go for hours, so by the time we got back, it would either be very late or we would have had an argument. Instead, I decided the best option would be to walk along the canal to get a McDonald's, then walk to the river and eat there before continuing the walk. it worked out well as we got to watch canoes and swans on the river as we ate. It's a good job we did switch to McDonalds because it ended up being a 3 hour walk and we didn't get back till 9pm. If we were to cook and eat, it would have been past 10pm and I was at work at 7pm the next day! 

After a tough end to my shift the week before, I was somewhat dreading going back to work. If the situation had been at the start of the year, I would have gone home and cried for hours, but even though it was hard, I feel like I handled it fairly well. Being a newly qualified midwife is a huge learning curve and a steep step up from being a student. I didn’t expect it to be so hard and after some shifts I’ve really felt like quitting. I’ve sobbed, I’ve not slept, I’ve been exhausted,’s slowly becoming easier.

My first shift of the week was truly beautiful. I got to help welcome a beautiful baby into the world this morning, with the sweetest, most grateful family. After taking them to the ward, I cared for 4 other women in the afternoon. I was so surprised when I was pulled outside and greeted with these gorgeous spring flowers. The whole day reminded me why I love this job. It’s not always easy, but it’s pretty special and I’m so lucky to be a small part of such a monumental moment in family’s lives 💐
The next two shifts were both also really lovely. I had a postnatal woman for an early discharge, followed by another normal delivery with a first year student which again was lovely. She ended up needing a little bit of follow up but just before the end of the shift, she went up to the ward so I finished early. Then the next shift, I didn't actually have anyone to look after but I still felt quite busy. We had a couple of agency staff in so I was their second midwives and did their paperwork and what not as they didn't have access, then covered breaks. It was quite fun and relaxed, which made a nice change. I even got to leave a little early again!