9 Affordable Small Businesses I'm Obsessed With!

As I am sure many of you know, I have my own small business, but I think with the pandemic, there has been a huge increase in other's opening their own small businesses and I love it. Instagram and TikTok have introduced me to many, and I am so invested in some of them, so it's fun to follow their journey's and see their successes. I also think, with my goal of sustainability, it's even more important to buy from independent locals, where the money goes direct to supporting their family. Here's my top 9 new finds, some are even of friends businesses and it makes me so happy and proud! 

  1. Fabstract: When I say I'm obsessed with this one, I'm not alone. She sells hand painted air fresheners with succulents that are personalised with smell, colour and plant. Her weekly restocks sell out within minutes and sadly, I haven't been quite lucky enough to get one myself yet.
  2. Little Village CandlesI am so proud to share this one because it's a friend who's already grown so much since opening. I love the new updates she's made, especially to the packaging, and it's lovely to know that each candle is hand poured with love. 
  3. Megakreations: Meg was truly so lovely to work with when she created my custom graduation picture. She has such a diverse range of products, all of which are completely personable and truly high quality. 
  4. Woolly Rainbows: Grace is seriously so cute, and so are her beautiful rainbow keyrings and the macrame hanging rainbows are dreamy. I plan on purchasing one for a little nursery. 
  5. Home Style UK: I cannot wait to purchase one of these home number signs when I have my own bought house. I love the modern take on the look. 
  6. Juniper Moon: Gabby is someone I used to follow on YouTube, but I love watching her reels, and some of her prints are seriously to die for. She also makes stickers, pins and totes. 
  7. Sow the Earth: Another friend's business partnership, this time creating a range of eco-friendly, handmade and handpicked bespoke items in limited quantities. I love the funky scrunchie patterns.
  8. Sunflower Home Co: Amy-Lou used to be a blogger and was a big support for a number of years. Since then, she's transitioned into wax melts and the little business is keeping her family going whilst she's at university too. 
  9. Cake Mountain: Finally, I wasn't going to share this one because currently it's only local deliveries and collections, but if you live in Nottingham, Kim has started creating incredible treats and boxes of goodies. The Valentine's Collection was amazing! 

There are so many more businesses that I am currently obsessed with, but there are some of my current favourites. I've also tried to share a range of products as there are a lot of similar products out there. I wanted these to be affordable and something I would realistically purchase myself too.