Hannah's Lips UK SALE and Why I Started?

I thought I'd write a little post about my business, Hannah's Lips UK, which some of you may not know about. I've shared it a few times over the years but it is officially my 3 year anniversary and I thought I would answer one of my most frequently asked questions whilst also shared the sale going on right now.

Hannah's Lips UK is my business where I signed up as an Independent Distributor of SheerSense, the UK broker of Senegence. I specialise in long-lasting waterproof makeup and anti-ageing skincare that works. All our products are vegan, animal cruelty free and specifically created to be sustainably made.
Why did I start my business and start selling?

Honestly, it is a good question. I never used to be the person to sell anything, to promote anything and I overthought anything I ever posted on social media. At the time, I was going through a really difficult time at university whilst study my third year of Medicine. It was the hardest course - thing! - I have ever done but it was my dream and I put my heart, soul and literally all my free time into it. I saw it falling away and released I needed something else to spend time doing otherwise I knew my mental health would take a nose dive. Of course, when I ultimately failed, it did, but I had something else to invest my time in.

The other reason that I joined is that I saw LipSense everywhere in America and I wanted it. I had a few “friends” who signed up but couldn’t sell it to me because I was outside their country. When i heard it had opened in the UK I jumped at the opportunity to try it...with a discount for myself too! That was actually the main reason, because I wanted to see how amazing it was for myself. I didn't realise I would fall in love with the company, the people and every single product out there.

A lot of my friends and family will say I never wore lipstick before and the truth is I rarely did! I loved lipstick but hated that it transferred and had to be reapplied. LipSense solved all my problems and now I’m very obviously obsessed. So yes, that's my simply put story.

I'm currently doing a lockdown/anniversary/birthday sale until the end of the month of all IN STOCK products. That means you can get everything for 15% off and free delivery, the biggest discount we can legally offer. I am also throwing in free surprise gifts for every order; the bigger the order, the bigger the gift!

Please ask me any questions on my business social media: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or even email. If you want a free sample and brochure posted, please get in touch. Alternatively, you can see the brochure online here and browse my shop here.